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Post-Matric Scholarship Scheme for OBC Students – PDF, Guidelines, Eligibility

Post-Matric Scholarship Scheme for OBC Students
Mukesh Jindal
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Post-Matric Scholarship Scheme for OBC Students – Scheme for Post-Matric Scholarships for Other Backward Classes Students is for the understudies examining for post-registration or post-optional courses. The target of the plan is to give money related help to the next in reverse classes (OBC) understudies learning at post registration or post-optional stage to empower them to finish their instruction. Toward the start of the money related year, notional allocation(NA) of assets of States/UTs will be made by this Ministry, from the general yearly cost of the Scheme, based on the populace of each State/UT, barring States/UTs having no told rundown of OBCs. States/UTs will sub-designate their NA, area insightful and amass shrewd, for all non-proficient courses. Nonetheless, such sub-allotment would not be fundamental for proficient courses, as establishments of expert training have a tendency to be gathered in significant urban communities/focuses.

The State Government is relied upon to set down criteria for choice for the honor of grant under the two kinds of courses, proficient and non-proficient, to the degree of accessible assets, in light of legitimacy cum-implies. States will reserve no less than 25% of the aggregate expense under the Scheme for Group D courses which incorporate Class-XI and XII and all other post-registration level non-degree courses, recognition courses in polytechnics and so forth. Such reserving would urge more OBC understudies to join passage level courses of tertiary instruction which would empower them in this way to take up courses prompting higher capabilities. States/UTs will cause use under the Scheme in any event to the degree of “Focal help or NA in addition to their submitted obligation”, and ought as far as possible the number of grants as needs are. Be that as it may, they would be allowed to distribute stores from the State-Plan, far beyond the level of their submitted risk in addition to the Central Assistance got, for subsidizing extra grants under the Scheme. Any such extra use should be borne by the State Government/UT Administration itself, well beyond their conferred obligation, and will for the most part not be qualified for repayment from the Center. In any case, extra use brought about by a State/UT past the level of Central Assistance might be considered for repayment by the Central Government, to the degree of accessibility of funds (basically from States which are not ready to completely profit of their notional portion, for any reason), towards the finish of a money-related year. Focal help given to a State/UT would need to be first used to cover recharging cases (i.e. understudies as of now granted grants amid the earlier years against Central Assistance), and just the adjust sum left might be used to cover new cases.

Scheme of Post Matric Scholarship for OBC Students

Objectives of Post-Matric Scholarship Scheme for OBC Students

  • The honor once made will be legitimate from the phase at which it is given to the fruition obviously subject to great lead and normality in participation. It will be restored from year to year gave that inside a course, which is constant for various years, the researcher secures advancement to the following higher class regardless of the reality whether such examinations are directed by a University or the Institution.
  • On the off chance that an OBC researcher seeking after Group A course flops in the examination out of the blue, the honor might be recharged. For second and ensuing disappointments in any class, the understudy might bear his/her own costs until he/she secures advancement to the following higher class.
  • On the off chance that a researcher can’t show up in the yearly examination inferable from disease as well as by virtue of some other unforeseeable occasion, the honor might be reestablished for the following scholastic year on accommodation of medicinal testament as well as other required adequate confirmation as per the general inclination of the Head of the Institution and his/her ensuring that the researcher would have passed had he showed up in the examination.
  • In the event that as per the Regulations of a University/Institution, an understudy is elevated to the following higher class despite the fact that he/she might not have really gone in bring down class and is required to take examination of the lesser class again after at some point, he/she will be qualified for grant for the class to which he/she is advanced if the understudy is generally qualified for grant.

Scheme of Post Matric Scholarship for OBC Students


  • The nationality of the understudy ought to be Indian and have a place with OBCs
  • These grants will be given for the investigation of all perceived post-registration or post-optional courses sought after in perceived foundations with the accompanying special cases: “Grants should not be granted for instructional classes like Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s Course and Private Pilot License Courses.
  • Hopefuls who, in the wake of passing one phase of training, are examining in a similar phase of instruction in various subject e.g. I. Sc. after I.A or B.Com. After B.A. or on the other hand M.A. in a subject after M.A in another, the subject won’t be qualified.
  • Understudies who, subsequent to having finished their instructive vocation in one expert line, e.g., LLB after B.T/B. Ed won’t be qualified.
  • Understudies examining in eleventh Class of the Higher Secondary School courses or the twelfth class of the Multipurpose High School won’t be qualified for it being a ceaseless school course. Be that as it may, in cases, where tenth class examination of such courses is dealt with as identical to Matriculation and understudies who in the wake of passing tenth class join different courses, such understudies will be dealt with as post-matric understudies and will be qualified for the honor of grants.
  • Understudies seeking after Post-graduate courses in medication will be qualified on the off chance that they are not permitted to work on amid the time of their course.
  • Understudies who seek after their investigations through correspondence courses will be qualified towards repayment of non-refundable expense. The term correspondence incorporates far off and proceeding with training. Other than repayment of non-refundable expense, such understudies will likewise be qualified for a yearly remittance of Rs. 900/ – for basic/recommended books, as appropriate.
  • Just two offspring of similar guardians/watchman will be qualified to get This limitation will, nonetheless, not have any significant bearing on young ladies. As needs are, grant profited by young ladies of same guardians/watchman won’t antagonistically influence the tolerability of benefiting grant up to two young men of same guardians/gatekeeper.
  • In any case, acknowledge free cabin or an allow or impromptu financial assistance from the State Government or some other hotspot for the buy of books, hardware or for meeting the costs of board and hotel, notwithstanding the grant sum paid under this Scheme.

Scheme of Post Matric Scholarship for OBC Students

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The grant is subject to the agreeable advance and direct of the researchers. In the event that it is accounted for by the Head of the Institution whenever that a researcher has, by reasons of his/her own demonstration or default, neglected to gain agreeable ground or has been blameworthy of offense, for example, falling back on or taking an interest in strikes, anomaly in participation without the consent of the experts concerned and so on., the specialist authorizing the grants may either cross out the grants or stop or withhold encourage installment of such period as it might think fit. The understudy concerned will be boycotted and suspended for a grant in any plan forever. A grant granted might be wiped out if the researcher changes the subject of the course of concentrate for which the grant was initially granted or changes the organization of study, without the earlier endorsement of the State Government. The sum officially paid may likewise be recouped at the caution of the State Government.

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