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Poor Welfare Card in UP

Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

Since the BJP government has come in UP, people are expected to get many benefits from Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath because they have formed a government by winning a major victory. Now to fulfil the expectations of the poor, the Chief Minister Yogi is making great efforts in various fields. Chief Minister Yogi is going to launch a poor Kalyan card to provide the best benefits to the poor. Soon people can apply or register for it.

The main objective of the Government of India is to remove poverty and the Government is starting many schemes to overcome poverty. As we all know, the government has initiated several schemes for the welfare of poor people, which are especially focused on poor people.

For poor and needy people who cannot take full advantage of the plans of the government, they will now have a better option to get benefits directly from this scheme called the poor welfare card scheme, which will be started soon. The UP government is planning to provide poor welfare cards.


Poor welfare card details

  • Distribution of poor welfare card will be distributed to the benefit of government welfare schemes without discrimination and caste discrimination to all the poor of the state.
  • It will transfer the government facilities transparently to the poor welfare card holders of BPL and Ration Card.
  • This poor welfare scheme built on the foundation of Janhanaan and Aadhar Yojana will prove to be a revolutionary initiative for the economic inclusion and social upliftment of the state.

Benefits of poor welfare card

  • Through every poor welfare card, all health facilities, including surgery, critical care, will be available in government and listed private hospitals in a cashless manner.
  • Through poor welfare card, housing loans up to Rs 6 lakh will be given at concessional rates for construction of pucca houses with electricity, water and toilets for more than 10 million poor families.
  • For poor welfare card holders, they will be made available at the minimum price of ration, oil, salt, pulses, sugar, jaggery etc.

Poor Welfare Card

  • The poor welfare card will be distributed amongst the poor people without a particular cast or religion so that they can get all benefits from the government schemes launched.
  • The scheme is based on the Jan Dhan and Aadhaar Yojana, this will be more efficient while providing benefits.

Implementation of the welfare card scheme

In the Free Accommodation Scheme in the poor Kalyan card, Uttar Pradesh, the Yogi government has a bigger means of getting a free house. Click here to apply for a free housing scheme in UP or learn about it.


Since the PMO has taken some concrete steps such as monetization, so that poor people do not have to face problems in the future. The main reason of not being too much development of poor people in the country is corruption and the present government is making the best efforts to provide a better life for the poor. Similarly, now Shri Yogi Adityanath is working to start the poor welfare card scheme in UP for the benefit of the poor.

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