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PM to Launch City Gas Project, Benefitting 129 Districts

Mukesh Jindal
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City Gas Project Benefitting 129 Districts

PM to Launch City Gas Project, Benefitting 129 Districts | SarkariNiti

The PM of India Mr. Narendra Modi is going to lay the foundation stone for the esteemed Project of City Gas Distribution abbreviated as CGD. The project will cover 65  Geographical Areas and the 129 Districts benefitting half of the Population of India with the Successful functioning of the Project. The Project was awarded by PNGRB ( Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board) under the CGD 9th Bidding Round from the Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi.

The launch of City Gas Project

The Inauguration of the Project will be done by the PM of India as mentioned above at the Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi on 22nd November 2018 at 4 p.m. The Live telecast of the Inaugural will be done at the respective GAs( Geographical Areas). The local events will be organized within the  Geographical Areas in states after the launch of the CGD Project. As with the Launch, the 65 different Geographical Areas will be informed about the project along the Plan and the Implementation of the CGD Project.

In the local inaugural the Chief Ministers, Union Ministers,  MPs and MLAs, government officials, other eminent persons, and the public would be Present.

As in Progress of the event the PM would also launch the 10th CGD Bidding Round in other 50  Geographical Areas spread in the 14 states covering 124 districts.

City Gas Project CGD Benefits

The CGD will lead to the environment-friendly, Cheaper Natural Gas availability across the 26 states and the Union Territories.

The Ministry has decided to spread the project across the Country for providing the clean PNG supplies through the pipes to the residents of the Country as the demand for the Compressed natural gas is on extreme to meet the requirement and to make the availability of CNG as per the Requirement.

The CGD will benefit the Industrial as well as the Commercial units as with the extension of the CGD Network to ensure uninterrupted supply.

As per the Government officials, the CNG is 60% cheaper than Petrol and the cost of 45 %  less as compared to diesel. The PNG is 40% cheaper than the market LPG  price for cooking.  As the government provides the 12 LPG gas cylinder every year for the subsidized rates.

The Project will benefit the 46.5 lakh of families and the 32 lakh vehicle drivers with the expansion of the CGD Network in 96 cities and districts.


The PNGRB has done the 9th phase biding regarding the CGD in April 2018 for the 86 geographical areas and 174 districts of 22 states and UTs after the receiving of the Bills after the Process of Biding. so the CGD network can be developed for the geographical areas as the Ministry will also establish 2 crore PNG and 4600 CNG connection in the coming next 8 years across the Country.

The ebidding process has been started on 8 November, a pre-bid conference is scheduled to take place on 6 December and the bids are required to be by 5 February 2019. The opening of the technical Bids on 7-9 February and the Letters of Intent (LoIs)  will be issued till the end of February.

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