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parivarik labh scheme
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Parivarik Labh

Parivarik Labh scheme

As when a family member dies then the family suffers from the bad family conditions. As the member of the family is the source of the income for the family worsen the condition. It is difficult for the family to cope up with the condition.  So the government of Uttar Pradesh started the scheme National Family Benefit Scheme which is named as the  Parivarik Labh yojana. It will help the people to earn the livelihood and family suffer from fewer problems.

As now you would be curious to know how to get the advantage of the scheme, benefits of the scheme, Eligibility and apply online. All the information about the  National Family Benefit Scheme / Parivarik Labh yojna.

Benefits of the Parivarik Labh yojana

In the following points, you would come to know about the benefits of the National Family Benefit Scheme / Parivarik Labh yojna.

  1. The government will provide a Compensation amount of  Rs 30, 000/.
  2. Earlier the amount of compensation was Rs 20, 000/-. Now it has been increased.
  3. The families who are registered under the scheme can apply or claim for the compensation amount after the death of the head of the family or the earning member of the family.
  4. Direct bank transfer of the benefit to the beneficiary account.

Eligibility for Parivarik Labh yojana

Check the points of the eligibility follows. Only the candidates who will be eligible will get the benefit of the scheme which is as given above.

  1. Candidate applying should be from below the poverty line.
  2. The age limit set for getting the benefit is from 18 to 60 years.
  3. If the applicant belongs to the urban areas then the income of the candidate or family should not be above Rs 56,450.
  4. The family whose income is Rs. 46,080 or less can apply for the scheme benefit if they reside in the Rural areas.

Documents for National Family Benefit Scheme

The documents for the National Family Benefit Scheme or Parivarik Labh yojana is as follows. You can check the name of the documents.

  • Photographs of the applicant
  • Age or UP Birth Certificate
  • Income Certificate of the family
  • UP Death certificate of the family member or the earning member of the family/ head.
  • Bank account details
  • Application form
  • You have to get the photocopy of the documents and submit to the concerned district department.

Apply Online for National Family Benefit Scheme

If you are interested to apply for the National Family Benefit Scheme in Uttar Pradesh then you have to follow the steps which are as follows.

  • You have to visit the official site to apply online.

Click Here

Reference Image:

Parivarik Labh scheme | SarkariNiti
  • Fill the application form.
  • Upload the documents in the scanned form.
  • After successful submission of application.
  • Get the Registration number.
  • You can get the status of the application by entering the registration number.

You have to submit the application form and other documents in the form of hard copy to the Deputy District Officer’s office.

Status of the Application

You can also check the status of the application. You just have to enter the application or the registration number. Get the complete details.

parivarik labh scheme

You have to select the district and enter the number to get the details of the application registered by you.

Note- As per the data more than 5000 people have attained the benefit of the scheme so far.

Help Line Toll-Free Number – 18004190001

Reference Links : nfbs.upsdc.gov.in

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