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Punjab FIR

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As a resident of the state of Punjab if you are interested in avail the information regarding the FIR registration, steps and all sort of information regarding it is available on the portal. As the page below will provide you with all such information about the FIR in the Punjab region.

What is FIR?

The First Information is the legal document which is generated by the police departments in the  Countries like Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. Whenever you receive any sort of information about any unsuspicious happing or want to register about your lost documents or other important items related to you is considered in the FIR. The criminal offenses are also included in the FIR registration.

Online portal for Punjab FIR

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For the convenience of the user of the state, the state government is continuously working for the people for their comfort and ease to make use of the online services so that he/ she can easily access those services and can avail the facilities started by the Government. The online Portal will help you to register FIR and check the status of the application.

Services provided at the portal

The services which are available at the portal of Punjab FIR online Portal are provided to you below. You can check the list below. The services which can of your great use. The services are so easy to access as the portal is made user-friendly as the people can easily understand the portal and can easily search the required content at the portal.

The FIR portal of Punjab provides the following services.

  • Commissions
  • RTI Act
  • Lost and Found
  • Missing Persons
  • Criminal Intelligence gaming
  • Unclaimed bodies
  • Status of the application
  • Download Scanned Documents

How to register FIR

If you want to register an FIR at the portal of the Punjab Police then you can either visit the official site of the portal named Punjab Police or can make use of the steps and the links are given below. The images are also provided below for the assistance of the user.

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The steps are as follows:

Lost vehicle

For instance, if you want to register the FIR for the Lost vehicle.

  • Click on the link given along for registering FIR for the lost vehicle. FIR LOST VEHICLE
  • The official page of the Punjab Police will appear as shown in the image below.
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  • Then click on the serving community on the left-hand side of the portal.
  • Then the following shown image of Complaint register.
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  • Enter the necessary detail required as mentioned in the following steps.
  • Enter Your name in Complainant name, phone number, email address and all other details asked on the page.
  • Enter the details of the person against whom you want to register the complaint.
  • Select the complaint subject from the option provided on the page of the Punjab Police.
  • Enter the other necessary detail you want to add as the box is provided on the official page.
  • Enter the security code.
  • Then submit the application.
  • Your application will be registered or in other words, you have registered the Complaint or the FIR.

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Missing person

As the site also provide the option to search the details of the person who is missing and whose complaint is registered at the portal for being missing. To know about the detail of the missing persons of your area click on the link below or visit the official site. The image for the same is given below.

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Missing person

  • Click on the above link.
  • The following page appears.
  • Enter the DD range date.
  • Select the district.
  • Enter other information required.

FIR Accidents Details

To register FIR about the accident, the details and the link is given below along with the image for the user assistance.

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Accidents FIR

  • Click on the above link.
  • Then select your district.
  • Select the police station.
  • Select the year.
  • The result would appear for your entered detail as shown in the image below.
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Status of Complaint/FIR

You can also check the status of the registered application or the FIR at the portal by entering your details at the portal.

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Download Scanned FIR

You can also download the FIR copy by entering the details as already mentioned. The link and image are also given below for your guidance. Make use of the link.

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  • Click on the link below the steps.
  • Select your district.
  • Select your police station.
  • Select the year.
  • Enter the FIR number.
  • You will get the desired FIR result.
  • You can also download the result for future use.

Download Scanned FIR

Contact info

The contact info for the assistance of the user is given below. You can also contact the police department of your area by clicking on the link given below.

The contact number of Police Departement official Punjab

The state and police links of the different police station are also available on the official page of the Punjab Police FIR. You can get the same and make use of it.

Contact address

Addl.Director General of Police
IT & T Wing Punjab Police Head Quarters
Sector 9, Chandigarh
E-mail Address:- website.it&[email protected]

Punjab Police complaint Number

The Punjab Police complaint number is given in the link below. Make use of the link if you want to register the complaint by contacting the respective officer.

Punjab Police Helpline number -181


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