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Meghalaya Police has launched the online portal for the inconvenience of the people of the Meghalaya state as the people can make use of the information available at the portal and can make use of the information to keep them updated so as the Police as they can make the process more transparent with the online service the people can get the FIR viewed Online at the portal registered by them. 

In the article below you will be guided about the Online procedure for the Online FIR for the Meghalaya and the candidate who has seen or victim of any of the incident can make use of the information and can lodge the complaint as per the procedure which has been mentioned as follows in the article.

What is FIR?

The FIR is the First Information Report of the suspected crimes you have witnessed or you are a victim of as the people can lodge the complaint on a plain paper as it does not require a particular format. The Online and Offline Procedure can be made use to get the FIR registered about the crime you been through.

How to Lodge an FIR in Meghalaya?

If you have witnessed a crime as mentioned earlier in the article you can approach the police station nearby. It is not necessary that the crimes happened with you or you are a victim of can be reported by a person you can also report the crime which you have seen happening nearby as a responsible citizen of the Country and the state you are a resident of.

  • You have to approach the nearest police station to lodge the complaint about the incident of the crime near the place where the crime has been committed.
  • In case you are unable to give it in writing it is then it is the responsibility of the Police officer to register the complaint of the candidate.
  • The information given about the offense can also be given on the phone call.
  • If in any case, the officer in the police station refuses to register your complaint then you can approach the higher official such as Dy.SP, Addl. SP or Superintendent of Police for lodging your complaint.

Note – There is no time Limit set to register or Lodge an FIR of the offense.

Search for Crime Incident

There is an option available at the online portal for the people of the Meghalaya state to get the benefit of searching Crime happened in the state online at the official portal of the Meghalaya Police.

Click Here

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You have to enter the date details of crime took place and you will get the complete information about it.

Look Out Notice

The information regarding the Lookout Notice for the missing candidates and the absconders can be viewed at the official portal of the Meghalaya Police. As you can visit the site for the information regarding the Look Out Notice by clicking on the option available at the official site home page.

  • Wanted Persons 
  • Missing persons

The information about the people can be obtained as you will get the complete list for the desired option you are searching for at the official portal. The Name, Address, Complexion, Age, Gender, Parent’s Name and the other information which would be available about the person with the police would be available at the portal for the assistance of the people.

Police Contact Meghalaya

Numbers– (2222001/ 2222033/2222043)

If You Have Any Big Problem And Police Department Is Not Listening to Your queries or complaints. You Can File Compliant To chief minister Meghalaya or Meghalaya Governor Directly Thorugh Given Ways.

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