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Obtain Death Certificate Arunachal Pradesh Online/Offline Procedure

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Death Certificate Arunachal Pradesh

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It is an official document issued to the deceased person by the State Government. After receiving a death certificate, a family can get several benefits which are provided after a person’s demise such as insurance claim or widow pension. This certificate states the date, fact, a cause of death and only issued to the closest relative of a deceased person. Now we look at the procedure of applying death certificate in Arunachal Pradesh.

As per the act, 1969 every death in Arunachal Pradesh has to be registered within 21 days of the death of a deceased person by his/ her nearest family member. You can visit the registrar officer to report the death event and submit application attested by Gazetted officer.

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Registration of Death

Registration of death depends on its place, which is explained below-

If a death happens in a hospital, medical officer of the locality will report about a death.  The Oldest person or head of a family has to report it to the nearest death registered office, if a death occurs in a house. If a death occurs in a local area, it has to be registered by the headman of that village.

Information Required

Information or detail required to fill in the application form while applying for a death certificate in Arunachal Pradesh-

  • Deceased person’s name
  • Date of Death
  • Gender and Age of Deceased person
  • Father’s/ Husbands name
  • Religion
  • Place of Death
  • Employment status of the Deceased person
  • Informer detail
  • Any kind of treatment that deceased person had before death.

Documents Required Death Certificate Arunachal Pradesh

For applying death certificate some documents are required that are mentioned below-

  • You are required to submit the form no 2 of death report.
  • The applicant has to attach the medical certificate that declares the death of a person.
  • Aadhaar card as an evidence of identity proof.

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Application Procedure

There are two types of ways to apply for the death certificate which are mentioned below-

Online Procedure

  1. Firstly you have to log on to website
  2. The applicant has to click on Citizen e-services Tab on the home screen of website given above.
  3. Now the applicant can choose the option ‘How to Obtain Death Certificate’.
  4. After clicking on the download option, the form will be downloaded.
  5. Fill all the details regarding the deceased person and attached the documents in the soft copy then submit it.
  6. After completion of registration, the applicant will get application number and it will help you to check your application status.
  7. The certificate is issued after the verification by the concerned officer.

Offline procedure

If the applicant wants to obtain death certificate offline then follow instructions given below-

  1. Firstly the applicant has to visit the death registration office.
  2. The applicant can get the application form from the concerned officer.
  3. After receiving the form, all the details have to be filled by the applicant.
  4. Now applicant has to submit the form in the registration office. After verification from the authorities, the death certificate will be issued within a month from the date of submission of the application.

Application Fee

Fee structure of application based on your registration date-

  • Applicant has to pay Rs.5 if the death is registered within a month.
  • Applicant has to pay Rs.5 if the death is registered after a month.
  • Applicant has to pay Rs.5 if the death is registered after a year.


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