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The government of Uttar Pradesh has launched a number of schemes from day today to benefit the people of the Uttar Pradesh state, the comfort, and easiness of the people to get the benefit of different government schemes which are launched. Yet another scheme launched by the Uttar Pradesh government is the Nivesh Mitra it is a web-based means the online facility is available for the people who are desirous to get the service of the online. As the Name, Nivesh Mitra means the business investment so it is clear from the name that the scheme is for the entrepreneurs of the state resident of Uttar Pradesh to get the benefit of the scheme NiveshMitra. The Government agency Udyog Bandhu is working and controlling the project of the निवेश मित्र

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Nivesh Mitra Online portal

निवेश मित्र | SarkariNiti

The  Nivesh Mitra is the online portal designed in such a way that it is simple, user friendly and set up for the ease of the entrepreneur so that the investors and the entrepreneur can get online service and the services which they require to set up or start a business clearance, NOC from different concerned department could be possible as under a single window so that the minimal time get wasted. As the online portal of the Nivesh Mitra are arranged in such as way that the entrepreneur can apply fill the application form online and submit the various forms needed easily online as along the documents or the other enclosures so that the clearance regarding the business project can be issued to them as early as possible.

The vision of Nivesh Mitra

The Nivesh Mitra is a single window system started by the govt of the Uttar Pradesh. The Nivesh Mitra will lead to the collaboration of the industry-friendly environment for the entrepreneur which can lead to the progressive, regulatory, effective and the efficient working. The vision for the निवेश मित्रा is to provide ease of doing business in the state Uttar Pradesh through the different facilitation of the services by the online electronic method even including the submission of online application, tracking the status of the applications and the online payment of the charges.

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The objective of Nivesh Mitra

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The Nivesh Mitra will also reduce the time, effort, money and the energy of the people to get the information regarding the different setup or projects. As all the requirement to know about the project and their rules and regulations for the proper functioning of the project leading to the industrial development.

The NiveshMitra will facilitate the entrepreneur from different category whether they are small,  medium or the large-scale industry owner or functionaries. All type of Entrepreneurs can fill the online application forms through the Nivesh Mitra.

Services available at the Nivesh Mitra

The services which are available at the Nivesh Mitra online portal of the Uttar Pradesh are as follows. You can have a look at the services which are provided for the entrepreneurs.

  • Ease of doing business
  • Investor assistance
  • Industrial sector information
  • Grievance Redressal

Benefits of Nivesh Mitra

The benefits of the Nivesh Mitra which you should be aware so that if you are interested to get the benefits to applying at the online NiveshMitra.Check the list of benefits below:

  • Single window system is designed.
  • Online application submission, registration and tracking the status, monitoring the application, fee payment and approval all benefits are available at the Nivesh Mitra.
  • More than 20 departments are arranged online for the assistance of the entrepreneurs.
  • 60 industrial services are provided at the निवेश मित्र is the another most important advantage of the Nivesh Mitra.
  • Online verification of the documents along with the uploading online the documents required.

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List of associated departments at Nivesh Mitra

As mentioned earlier the 20 departments are associated with online services at the Nivesh Mitra portal. Have a look on the list below to know about the Department associated at Nivesh Mitra.

  1. UPSIDC Department
  2. Yamuna Expressway Department
  3. Public Works Department
  4. Forest Department
  5. Ticket and Registration Department
  6. Fire Safety Department
  7. Labor Department
  8. Greater Noida, Noida Department
  9. Excise Duty Department
  10. Power Department
  11. Administration Department
  12. Registration FirmDepartment
  13. Revenue Measurement Department
  14. Urban Development Department
  15. Housing  Department
  16. Electricity Security Department
  17. PICUP Department
  18. Society and Chit. (PICUP) Department
  19. Pollution Control Board Department
  20.  Food Safety and Drug Department

Entrepreneur Registration Nivesh Mitra

To register at the Nivesh Mitra as an entrepreneur follow the procedure given below. The link to register as an entrepreneur is also given along the steps and the image for reference is also given for the guidance of the user at the page below.

The interested entrepreneurs can register at the Nivesh Mitra.


Reference image:

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Steps to Register at Nivesh Mitra

  • Enter the enterprise name or the company name
  • Enter the entrepreneur First name
  • Enter the entrepreneur last name
  • Enter the Email id
  • Enter the Mobile Number
  • Enter the Verification/ captcha code
  • Click on the register option
  • You will be issued the username or mail id as well as the password to login at the Nivesh Mitra to check the status of the registered application or to grab any other information from the portal.

Entrepreneur Login at निवेश मित्र

The entrepreneur login option is provided at the portal the interested entrepreneurs at login at the Nivesh Mitra online portal by making use of the link given below or you can also search for the official site. The official site info is also given on the page below, so check the article below:


Reference image:

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Steps for login at the Nivesh Mitra online portal

  • Enter the user id or the mail id
  • Enter the password
  • Enter the captcha code.
  • Click on the Login option.

Payment procedure Nivesh Mitra

The payment process at the निवेश मित्र are of following mentioned types:

  1. Online method – E payment
  2. Offline Method- Challan OR Bank draft scanned copy is required to be uploaded
  3. Manual method- Challan OR Bank draft scanned copy is required to be uploaded

Note- After the successful submission of the application you can view the status of the application from time to time by log in your id at the Online portal

Nivesh Mitra Official website

The following given is the official website of the online portal. You can make use of it to grab any type of facility or service you want from the NiveshMitra Portal as an Entrepreneur.


Contact info NiveshMitra

Helpline number

0522 – 2238902

Email id 

[email protected]

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