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Nirman Shramik Pension Yojana – Pension Scheme for Construction Workers

Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Friday propelled another new plan for development labourers annuity conspire that would guarantee money related help of INR.300 every month to all enlisted development specialists in the wake of achieving the age of 60 and INR.500 for development labourers of more than the age 80.

This plan has hit the third most populist plans of the BJD government in under one month.


Highlights of the scheme

  • The scheme was launched to secure retired construction workers
  • The scheme would continue even after the official applicant has lost his life or is disabled due to any means
  • The scheme would be funded by the government of Odisha
  • The scheme is sustained as a five-year launch

Objectives of the scheme

  • The launch of the NSPY was to directly aim a pension plan for the construction workers of the state of Odisha
  • To provide the people over the age of 60 and 80 years with a certain payment to secure their retirement age
  • To provide the families of construction workers who have either lost their only working member or has become disabled with a certain amount to take care of their family.

Features of the scheme

  • The scheme would be funded by the state government of Odisha
  • Under the scheme, people who have lost their lives or are unable to continue to work will be considered and their wives would be eligible to receive the pensions
  • As per the target of the project, nearly 25 lakh laborers will get the pension every month, the amount for the applicants under the age and above the age 60 would receive INR. 300/- and the candidates who are above the age of 80 would receive an amount of INR. 500/ –

NSPY – Beneficiaries

The recipients under the plan are old individuals from the lower wage gatherings. The people who were involved in construction work of any building or such. The labors who have reached 60 years of age or lost their lives or differently able and can’t work will be eligible for this scheme On account of death, the spouse will get the benefits sum.

Point of the NSPY

The point of the plan is to give a superior life to those specialists who have added to the improvement of the state. This scheme will be provided social security to the 25 Lac construction workers of the state.

Other facilities offered by the NSPY scheme

Along with this scheme, the state government has also increased the maternity subsidy amount from INR. 8000/- to INR. 10, 000/-. Also, medical assistance to the workers with serious illness will be provided worth Rs. 3 Lac.

Applying for the scheme

There is no necessity of being enlisted with the Odisha Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board for a long time.


The scheme would allow the construction workers to avail a good life and not worry about securing a future for the family which means living without tension and living more. The government of Odisha would also benefit from the common man as every vote counts.

Reference and details

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