NHM provides Package of 12 Services for Health and Wellness Center

NHM provides Package of 12 Services for health and wellness center
Mukesh Jindal
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NHM play a very important role to improve the health scenario of India. This is the biggest health scheme in India which is continuously serving to the public. Under this scheme Govt of India starting Health and wellness programme throughout India to provide Free medicines and free diagnose facility to all. NHM stops the trend of high-cost medicines to patients because some patients can not afford expensive medicine for long-term use. This scheme is spreading state or district. Level and very soon it will spread to the villages also. Health and wellness programme provide rehabilitative, curative care, promotive and Preventive with a package of12 services. In starting this scheme is the highlight in the aspirant districtIndiandia. it will lead to strengthened NHM programme.

Till now 36 states including UTs have received notice regarding this programme whereas 29 states have already started implementation in their various districts. They are even providing in-house services or PPP mode. Govt of India has started 150 health and wellness centers in India which will provide benefit the masses.

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  • To Make India Healthy
  • Help to secure the health and wellness
  •  create more jobs
  • Establish a more medical institution.
  • Ensure better health facilities in the Nation
  • Provide free health benefits to low socioeconomic household

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Significance and importance

  • Under National health mission NHM Govt of India spending the huge amount on the wellness as well as on the Health protection schemes for the 100 crore household in India. whereas 150 wellness centers will be open and around 10 crore poor families of India will get Health Insurance policy benefits.
  • India will become more healthy and especially it will help with the low socioeconomic people of India to save their lives from the critical disease.
  • Under this programme, a lot of medical institution will open which leads to creating more education and more jobs.
  • Wellness centers will give facilities to the people with free check up diagnoses and medicines.
  • Under this programme, every state will get one medical college which will give more scope to every state.
  • It will also create more awareness with health promotion activities in every state.

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Who will be the Beneficiaries under NHM?

All the people can take the benefit of Health programme. Wellness and Health protection programme will give all benefits according to the Socioeconomic level of family or poor families those who cannot afford treatment. It will also beneficial for the rural and remote area peoples. Free medical distribution with free diagnoses in the Govt medical institutions. Every state will get one Big Medical institution which will provide service to the state as well as medical seats will also be increased. Job opportunities for women will definitely increase.

NH provide package of 12 services for Health and wellness


NHM programme will create a new India in 2022. If this programme becomes successful it will create a milestone in the health history of independent India.

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