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New Smart Ration Card in Tamil Nadu

Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

The smart cards are a form of the digital cards that are launched in the state of Tamil Nadu. These cards are introduced by the Government of Tamil Nadu with an aim to replace the already existing ration cards. With the implementation of these cards in the state it is expected that the government shall be able to digitize the ration family cards to the people in the state. 


How to apply for Smart card in Tamil Nadu?

  • Please follow the link provided
  • Then click on the “Smart Card Application
  • A form will be opened. Please fill in all the forms very carefully
  • After the form has been successfully filled. You will be provided with a reference number.
  • Do save the reference number for tracking purposes.
  • The reference number would be sent to your email and mobile number.

How to track your smart card application status?

Government’s contribution towards the scheme

  • The government of Tamil Nadu has begun implementing the procedure and has set a budget of INR. 330 Crore to be invested into the issuing of the smart cards to the people of the state.
  • The government also expects to replace around 1.89 Crore traditional and old cards with the newly introduced smart cards but this would not affect the consumers in any way.
  • The government has allowed the people who have already been allotted ration cards to continue purchasing using the old ones until the new cards have been issued.

Implementation of the process

  • According to the information, it is certain that the entire cost of collecting the database and digitalizing will be borne by the state.
  • Once the database has been collected and the smart cards prepared the government shall also be bearing the expense of distributing these cards to the cardholders.

Areas covered under the scheme?

  • All districts in the state of Tamil Nadu are covered.
  • The scheme currently secures 32 various districts of Tamil Nadu 

Benefits of the smart ration cards

  • One of the main benefits is that the people will be able to collect rations from any PDC store in the state.
  • Fake and duplicate rations cards will be disposed of
  • The government also aims to monitor the distribution of grocery commodities easily to different PDC shops and outlets.
  • Any user who is registered with the smart card will be able to collect ration from government valid stores at the pre-dedicated rates.


With the implementation of the smart card scheme, the state of Tamil Nadu is certain that the process of monitoring and issuing ration cards that will be much easier for the government bodies.

Apart from the basics, the government will always be sure that all valid card holders can get the benefit of government outlets.


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