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National Social Assistance Scheme/ Programme (NSAP) – PDF, Contact Details

National Social Assistance Scheme
Mukesh Jindal
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National social assistance scheme – National social assistance scheme is truly a welfare program designed by the ministry of rural development.  This scheme runs in rural areas as well as in urban area. By means of the welfare, directive principles enrich by state and central government authorities is fulfilling by providing various programs and welfare schemes under national social assistance scheme.  The main aim of the scheme is to security common adequates of citizens like livelihood,  securing and improving the public health,  mandate to provide free education to the children. As per the guidelines under article 49 of the Indian constitution directives to the states for providing assistance to the senior citizens in the state of unemployment,  old age,  disablement, sickness and in some cases to the people who are economically poor and underserved cases.

National social assistance programme scheme approved by the central government according to the directive principles in 1995 with an approved budget for the scheme.  The prime minister of india announce the scheme and its benefits and also the beneficiary sector. The scheme is initiated and run by the central government itself with a sufficient funding.

National Social Assistance Scheme

Benefits of National Social Assistance Scheme/ Programme

The benefits of the scheme are,

  • providing financial security to the people who are aged 65 years above and also below the poverty line.
  • providing financial support and health awareness to the pregnant women for the livelihood and healthy baby
  • securing the families who are below the poverty line when there is an unexpected death happened to the primary member of the family by providing a grant of 5000 rupees.
  • Few more schemes which are going to beat in the financial year to bring more people under the scheme benefits

the overall I’m of the scheme is to generate a prominent and secure livelihood to the people who are below poverty line and providing the basic requirements when they are aged above 65 years,  and to the pregnant women and also the family members who are unable to secure their financial status in critical circumstances.

National old age pension scheme 

  • Under the scheme, the beneficiary will get rupees 75 per month who are above the age of 65 years.
  • This game is purely for the aged who are unable to secure there financial matters from the family or any other sources like pensions,  secure bonds or any other source of income.
  • Eligibility criteria:
    • The eligibility criteria for availing the scheme benefits is,  the person should be raised above 65 years.
    • The state government adopted or ut governments adopted
    • the review of the eligibility criteria purely by the scheme authority only
    • a person can directly approach the scheme authorities for reviewing the eligibility criteria by providing the basic details and submitting the desired application form.


National Social Assistance Scheme

National family benefit scheme

The scheme is an added benefit to the families who are below poverty and the economic status is below the mark.  The primary aim of the scheme is to provide the financial support to the families if there is an unexpected death happened to the family primary member.

in case of the death happened to the primary member of the family due to any natural causes,  a grant of 5000 will be provided to the family members under the scheme. The primary member should have a minimum contribution to the family total income. The grant will be provided if the primary member death happens between the age of 18 years to 64 years.

 Eligibility criteria

  • The primary family member should enroll under the scheme by providing the income details and family member details
  • the primary family member should also mention the details of the overall income of the family members and the primary member contribution
  • the primary family member and other family members locality proof and identification proofs are mandatory for availing the scheme.  These documents help in identifying the family members at the time of death happens to the primary member due to any natural causes.

National maternity benefit scheme 

National Social Assistance Scheme

This scheme is purely designed for providing financial support to the pregnant women.  Due to lack of financial support and awareness on the basic health care, there are several cases registered for pregnancy death and baby death before delivery.  To avoid this the scheme is introduced and running successfully.

The eligible pregnant women will get the amount of rupees 300 up to the two live births is provided.

 Eligibility criteria

  • To avail the scheme,  the woman should be a member of the household which are  below the poverty line
  • by providing the basic details like name,  locality and economical status certified document
  • by reviewing the provided documents the application will be reviewed.

National Social Assistance Scheme/ Programme PDF

Contact details

By approaching the local bodies of the scheme the applicant can get the details and the procedure.  The complete process and required documents details will be given by the authorities.  Based on given details the applicant has to provide the documents to avail the schemes.

for more details applicant can visit,


the national social assistance scheme is aimed to provide financial security to the people who are under the below poverty line.  Based on the eligibility criteria and the applicant status scheme allocation and eligibility will be decided. under Kansas,  various schemes are available and humor is going to be added.  All the systems are designed for the people who are living below poverty line and struggling with financial circumstances.  With the scheme benefits, the beneficiary can able to maintain livelihood,  healthy lifestyle and secure the financial circumstances of the family.   Bringing awareness about the scheme and providing the benefits is also one of the major aims of the scheme.

Irrespective of peoples other benefits can avail this scheme advantages. According to the directive principles given an article 41, the scheme benefits will reach to the desired applicant.  The entire process monitors by scheme officials and state governments on annual basis.  Every year on 30th of September the review a b takes place with a complete audit.

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