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National Oral Health Programme (NOHP) – PDF, Survey, Guidelines

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National Oral Health Programme (NOHP) – The National Oral Health Programme is been organized by the Ministry of Helth & Family Welfare. As per the World Health Organization (WHO), Oral wellbeing is a condition of being free from unending mouth and facial torment, oral and throat disease, oral bruises, birth abandons for example, congenital fissure and sense of taste, periodontal (gum) infection, tooth rot and tooth misfortune, and different infections and scatters that influence the oval hole. Oral wellbeing is irreplaceable for the prosperity and great personal satisfaction. Poor oral wellbeing influences development adversely in all parts of human improvement. Dental caries and periodontal infection remain the two most common dental sicknesses of the Indian populace.

Oral wellbeing has been dismissed throughout the years, particularly in the underprivileged zones. Among numerous reasons, low level of mindfulness among the populace and the care suppliers even has prompted proceeded with disregard of dental care. Oral infections have additionally been connected to bacterial endocarditis, atherosclerosis, perpetual obstructive lung infections and preterm low birth weight. Periodontal wellbeing has coordinate joins with diabetes. According to late information from Dental Council of India, there are around 1.5 lakh enlisted dental practitioners for a populace of around 1.3 billion, out of which 72% live in towns which stay denied from dental care. A few states have gained ground in giving far-reaching oral medicinal services through its essential care framework [through the NHM umbrella]. Dental units are set up indeed, even in the Primary Health Center in a few states. Notwithstanding, a great deal still stays to be accomplished in huge numbers of alternate states. Govt. of India has visualized the National Oral Health Program [NOHP] for a reasonable, available and impartial oral human services conveyance in an all-around composed way.

National Oral Health Programme

Oral sicknesses influence both the youthful and the old. A portion of the regular maladies is dental caries, periodontal sicknesses, malocclusion, sub-mucosal fibrosis, oral tumor and so on. Congenital fissure and congenital fissure additionally keep on affecting the populace. Oral sores are additionally regular with patients with HIV/AIDS and other incapacitating fundamental conditions. Two extensive scales Oral Health Surveys have been led before.

  • National Oral Wellbeing Survey and Fluoride Mapping by Dental Council of India in 2003 and
  • Oral Wellbeing in India: Report of multi-driven oral wellbeing overview by MoHFW in a joint effort with Dental Department AIIMS in 2007.These two overviews show the pervasiveness of some oral sicknesses and conditions in the nation.

Objectives of National Oral Health Programme (NOHP)

  1. To enhance the determinants of oral wellbeing.
  2. To diminish grimness from oral infections.
  3. To incorporate oral wellbeing advancement and preventive administrations with general human services framework.
  4. To empower Promotion of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) display for accomplishing better oral wellbeing.

With a specific end goal to accomplish above recorded destinations, Government of India has chosen to help the State Governments in starting arrangement of dental care alongside other progressing wellbeing programs actualized at different levels of the essential wellbeing mind framework. Financing has been made accessible through the State PIPs for the foundation of a dental unit [at locale level or below] This dental unit outfitted with fundamental prepared labor, types of gear including dental seat and support for consumables would be given to the states through the NOHP. These units, as indicated by the level of immersion of express’ own dental units, might be set up at region clinics or in the wellbeing offices underneath the level of locale healing centers.

National Oral Health Programme


Labor, if required, [such as a Dental Surgeon, a Dental Hygienist, and a Dental Assistant] might be named on legally binding premise. The TORs is at Annexure I


Types of gear for the dental unit, for example, dental seat, x-beam machine, and other steady instruments may likewise be secured by the State Government.


The endorsed assets can be utilized for the acquirement of consumables required for the unit. The National Oral Health Cell will likewise help in giving preparing to the Oral wellbeing labor and also broad wellbeing labor for a better-incorporated way to deal with better oral wellbeing.

Benefits of National Oral Health Programme (NOHP)

At the Central level, under its Tertiary exercises, the accompanying advances have been taken:

  • NOHP as a team with Center for Dental Education and Research (CDER), AIIMS, New Delhi has created notices, handouts and identifications for dispersion to States/UTs and additionally Government Dental Colleges.
  • As a piece of the World Oral Health Day festivities on twentieth March 2017, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare propelled a TV ad and radio jingle on oral wellbeing which have been disclosed on the Doordarshan system and Radio.
  • MoHFW likewise propelled 5 one page intuitive amusements for school kids helping them find out about tooth brushing and mouth flushing while at the same time persuading them to keep up great oral cleanliness.
  • The IVRS helpline was propelled as methods for producing mindfulness and giving information relating to oral wellbeing.
  • To advance mindfulness about oral wellbeing among the general population, the blurbs have been dispersed to States/UTs.

National Oral Health Programme


  • Those who are interested should be
  • Graduate from any recognized institute.
  • 1-year certificate in computer application and
  • The applicant needs to possess min. 1-2 years of experience in the health-related
  • For more details about the eligibility criteria can check in the official links provided here.

National Oral Health Programme (NOHP) Survey

Contact Details

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National Oral Health Programme (NOHP) PDF

National Oral Health Programme (NOHP) Guidelines


A state nodal officers meeting was led on thirteenth and fourteenth July 2015, to talk about the current oral wellbeing labor, the framework in the states/UTs and survey the advance made by the states. Another National workshop for the state nodal officers is arranged from fifteenth February to seventeenth February 2016 at NIHFW for improving the administrative aptitudes of program administration for NOHP. IEC materials in the frame publications, handouts have been produced and the last endorsement has been gotten. 3,21,000 blurbs have been scattered to 10 states e.g Rajasthan, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Odisha, Sikkim, Nagaland and Delhi in the first stage for boundless mindfulness age and exposure of the program. On the event of World Oral Health Day on twentieth March 2016, an SMS battle was made arrangements for making mindfulness on oral wellbeing and 5,37,00,000 SMS messages were pushed to portable clients crosswise over 22 conditions of the nation.

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