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National Food Security Mission (NFSM) – Objective, PDF, Contact Details

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National Food Security Mission (NFSM) –  In the year 2007, the 53rd meeting the national development council took a resolution to launch a new scheme called national food security mission.  The main aim of the mission is to secure the food improvement growth in the country.  The mission aims to 2 increase the food production 11th plan (2011 to 12),  the  10 million tons of rice,  8 million tons of wheat and 2 million tons of pulses respectively.  This is to encourage formals to get more opportunities towards increasing the productivity and also for the purpose of keeping the stock for the sake of national food security.  The mission targets additional production in terms of all the manners by encouraging farmers to produce a good amount of product in a year by allowing them to get more food security also providing various other benefits as well.

In the 12th five-year plan,  the proposed ratio of increase in the food production able to 10 million tons of,  8 million tons of wheat,  4 million tons of pulses and 3 million tons of cereals.  This ratio increasing towards drinking proper production level growth also searching the additional benefits for the national food security.

National Food Security Mission

In the mission, there are various other scopes as mentioned,

  • To increase the production rate you got my proverbs subsidies in seeds and other fertility products like chemical and the equipment.
  •   A dedicated agricultural officer will give complete guidance towards the increase of production and what are the advanced technologies can be used.
  •  The soil testing and erosion can be done at the laboratories for verifying the soil strength to check with what are the additional things to be added in terms of strengthening the soil and increase the productivity.  It also gives information about what type of forming and agricultural method can be applied in a particular location.
  •  Bank loans can also the even better performance for drinking growth rate in productivity.  There will be no additional cost or rate of interest to be born by the farmers for the loans which are taken to increase the agricultural productivity.  A nominal rate of interest will be applicable which can be waived off once the former reaches the end of and here or else by providing a request to waive off rate of interest.
  •  Based on the soil still and the productivity level,  the agricultural officer will give a complete awareness and what type of paddy field it is and other advantages involved in getting into the right way for the increase of productivity.
  •  National survey teams and fertility management departments will coordinate each other to bring out a proper soil testing and providing the best scenes which are up for the soil.  This process continues and works in all the states for the betterment in the increase of the productivity which aims to reach the mission goals.

National Food Security Mission


The main objective of this mission is to increase the food growth national wide and also to produce a  proper productivity buy all the states according to the mission aims. It also allows farmers 2 get the right information and seeds suitable for the soil.

Mission games 2 print the productivity in the numbers like 10 million tons of rice,  8 million times of wheat,  3 million tons of pulses respectively in the  11th plan.

It also encourages formals to get the complete information about the soil and soil strength as well with the help of agricultural officer who will give the complete guidance about the type of soil it is and what are the additional productivity can increase by moving to some other kind of form.  This means depending on the productivity apps that cultural officer will give the complete guide to the farmers to go with the additional scope to get the more productivity in a given time period.

Due to lack of information about the soil strength and what kind of forming will give the more productivity Formosa getting stuck in traditional forming which will give a nominal productivity only.  Under the skin with the help of central government and state government, farmers can get the complete information and suggestions which will work positively towards generating more productivity.

National Food Security Mission

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National Food Security Mission PDF


According to the national development council which majorly tips to encourage formals to generate more productivity with a target for  annual growth.  Which means based on the type of agricultural methods using in a particular location and what are the additional scopes available and how to increase the productivity of agriculture will be decided by the council and accordingly local and rural locality agricultural officer will give a complete guidance to the farmers to go with a proper forming.

Encouraging formals to come up with new thoughts and pants and also by providing workshops in the nearby locality to give to stick to the type of farming they are doing and what are the additional insights they can get by doing in an advanced methods. By providing  seeds and also the subsidised materials like chemicals and other equipments,  the government encouraging farmers to go for additional farming advantages which will give posting to the increase in the productivity.

The national development council aims bring the productivity of 10 million tons of rice,  8 million tons of wheat and 3 million tons of pulses.  The ratio increasing for subsequent financial years by adding up,  10 million tons of rice, 8 million tons of wheat,  4 million tons of pulses and 3 million transfer cereals.  This means the overall increase of the values will give food security for a span of time and also improves the fertility strength by giving a proper time duration to settle.

By avoiding traditional farming and encouraging farmers to proceed with advanced technologies and methods available,  the council reaching the targeted ads without having any difficult. According to are formed by the rural agricultural officer will give plate testing report of the soil and what kind of forming will give additional increase of the productivity  and  the same will be conveyed to the  farmers to encourage towards proceed with  advanced technologies and the suitable formation as well.  The adaptation of advanced technology and proper forming will give posts to the increase in the productivity in a particular location.  The same scenario will be able to all the locations across the nation and finally reached to the aimed targets in an year.

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