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National Family Benefit Scheme

Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

The National Family Benefit Scheme was started by the Central Government (Ministry of Women and Child Development) and also implemented by the state government of Odisha to provide social security for people living Below Poverty Line.

The government has brought out the scheme in favour of the people who have been or may be a subject to the death of the primary bread earner of the family to assist them with a financial assistance of INR. 10,000.

The scheme is only beneficial to the poor and has been completely implemented under the central government’s command.


Objective of the scheme

  • The scheme aims to support the surviving members in the case of the death of the working person so that the family is left with no hard working to surviving after that.
  • This would also provide a base for the family whose primary earner of the family has met with an accident and is living under the below poverty line.

Advantages of the National Family Benefit Scheme

  • National Family Benefit Scheme provides benefits in the form of financial assistance and financial security of family
  • Under this scheme, family will get financial help of INR.10,000 after death of primary bread earner

Required eligibility and conditions for applying National Family Benefit Scheme

  1. The scheme is implemented by central government that’s why all citizen of India are eligible but requirement and conditions of respective state may be different from Odisha government mentioned below
  2. Candidate or family must belong to below poverty line (BPL)
  3. Applicants must be perpetual inhabitants of Odisha state
  4. Primary bread worker must have a place of between

Deeds required for applying National Family Benefit Scheme

  1. Aadhaar card
  2. BPL ration card
  3. Residence proof e.g. certificate of residence authority
  4. Death certificate of primary bread earner

Application procedure

  1. The applicant can download an application form by clicking this link.
  2. Then the application can be submit submitted

Contact Details

  1. Female and Children development department of Odisha
  2. Social welfare department of Odisha state

References & details

For more details regarding documents and help please visit the official website.


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