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National Energy Efficient Agriculture Pumps Programme – Features, Benefits, Contact Details

National Energy Efficient Agriculture Pumps Programme
Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

National Energy Efficient Agriculture Pumps Programme – With an expected 21 million agrarian pump sets associated with the power matrix in India, water system turns into a generous cost in horticulture. The area constitutes around 18.5% of India’s aggregate vitality utilization. This power utilization is relied upon to ascend by an expected 54% in the vicinity of 2015 and 2022 which must be coordinated by vitality productivity. Privately made pump sets utilized for water system are both wasteful and inconsistent, causing monstrous water to squander and higher vitality utilization.

Keeping in mind the end goal to make nation more vitality productive, the National Energy Efficient Agriculture Pumps Program has been propelled by the Ministry of Power. These pumps will come empowered with the savvy control board and a SIM card, giving ranchers the adaptability to turn on and turn off these pumps from their cell phones and from the solace of their homes. With the utilization of these 50 Watts BEE 5 Star appraised roof fans, to be dispersed under the National Energy Efficient Fan Program, it is evaluated that buyer’s power bills will diminish by about Rs. 700-730 every year. Accordingly, the cost recuperation of obtaining these fans is under 2 years. These fans 30% more vitality productive, when contrasted with ordinary fans, which run from 75-80 Watts. At present, two vitality proficient fans will be given to every buyer at Rs 60 a month for every fan on EMI premise. The EMI sum will be added to the purchasers’ power bills for a long time. This plan will be accessible to the buyer on giving a duplicate of most recent power charge alongside a duplicate of home confirmation at the assigned conveyance focus. The purchaser can likewise buy the fan by paying Rs. 1250/ – forthright.

National Energy Efficient Agriculture Pumps Programme

Talking on the event, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Shri N Chandrababu Naidu called upon the general population to feel the obligation of sparing vitality which is a major test the country is confronting. He said that the State government is pushing forward with creative thoughts in sparing vitality. Shri Chandrababu Naidu likewise said that when Visakhapatnam was hit by Hudhud typhoon a year ago, the administration supplanted all the glowing knobs with LED which spared 21,000 MW of influence and furthermore spared cash of the State exchequer.

Features of National Energy Efficient Agriculture Pumps Programme

So as to tap the vitality sparing potential, Agriculture Demand Side Management (AgDSM) program was started in XI design by Bureau of Energy Efficiency with a target to prompt vitality proficiency in horticulture part by making market-based structure for usage of few pilots extends and make mindfulness among end clients and different partners for appropriation of vitality productive pump sets (EEPS). Real turning point accomplishments of the plan amid XI design were:-

  • 11 Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) have been set up in 8 states for 11DISCOMs covering 20,750 pump sets associated with 87 feeders. Normal 40% (96 MU) vitality sparing potential evaluated.
  • One pilot venture in Solapur, Maharashtra is being executed and reflects funds of 6.1 MU by productivity up degree of 2209pumpsets.Monitoring and Verification procedure has been arranged and is under usage for acknowledging vitality investment funds in Solapur pilot venture.
  • Punjab and Haryana commanded the utilization of BEE star appraised pump sets for each new farming association in the state. 67843 and 1599 pumps have been accounted for introduced under the direction in the province of Haryana and Punjab separately.

Amid the XII arrangement, understanding the tremendous vitality sparing potential in the division, BEE means to proceed with the program with a goal to develop the procedure of increasing speed of practical vitality effectiveness in the arrangement through after intercessions:

  • Administrative component to order the utilization of BEE star marked direct sets for new associations.
  • Encourage execution of DPRs and setting up checking and confirmation convention.
  • Specialized help and limit advancement of all partners.

National Energy Efficient Agriculture Pumps Programme

Benefits of National Energy Efficient Agriculture Pumps Programme

  • Brilliant BEE star evaluated Energy Efficient Agricultural Pump sets are to be conveyed to ranchers.
  • Ranchers can supplant their wasteful horticultural pump sets free of cost.
  • This converts into a yearly reserve fund of approx. Rs20,000 crore on agrarian sponsorships or a sparing of 50 billion units of vitality every year.
  • Vitality effective BEE star directs accompany keen control board that has a savvy meter and a SIM card.
  • Ranchers can reestablish their inadequate pumps with new pump-sets at for nothing out of pocket.
  • Shrewd meters help the ranchers to screen use on ongoing premise inside the solace of home.
  • Ranchers can make utilization of their mobiles to turn on and turn off this vitality proficient pumps as on account of the shrewd control board.
  • Vitality proficient fans are 5-star appraised roof fans got from driving organizations.
  • These fans are 30% more vitality proficient than expected devotees of 75 to 80 Watts.
  • The plan the buyer’s power charge by about Rs. 700 to 730 every year.

National Energy Efficient Agriculture Pumps Programme

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National Energy Efficient Agriculture Pumps Program and National Energy Efficient Fan Program are added to the achievement of UJALA plot. This kind of plan encourages the legislature to control their pinnacle request and thus help the state to wind up vitality proficient. Prior Shri N. Chandrababu Naidu introduced two-day global workshop on vitality effective lighting by divulging the Energy Efficient Fan and by exchanging on Energy Efficient Agriculture Smart Pump mounted in Rajahmundry, 150 km from Vijayawada, through remote control. ECBC sets least vitality benchmarks for new advertisement structures having an associated heap of 100kW or contract request of 120 KVA or more. Presently eight States and Union Territories (Rajasthan, Odisha, UT of Puducherry, Uttrakhand, Punjab, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana) informed and embraced the code for their states. With a specific end goal to advance a market pull for vitality proficient structures, Bureau of Energy Efficiency built up a deliberate Star Rating Program for structures which depends on the real execution of a working, regarding vitality use in the working over its region communicated in kWh/sq. m/year. As of now, the Voluntary Star Labeling program for 4 classifications of structures (day utilize office structures/BPOs/shopping centers/Hospitals) has been produced and put in broad daylight space.

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