National Common Mobility Card, Advantages, Technical Specification

National Common Mobility Card

national common mobility card

NCMC (National Common Mobility Card) is an Inter operable transport card. The card is launched by the Ministry of Urban development of India. The Ministry of Urban Development brought the National Payments Corporation of India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launch the NCMC card to the nation on 4 March 2019. To help the task of management, clearing and the payment. The network for the maintenance and terminal set up. The card is given the identity of one nation one card. The money can also be drawn from the NCMC Card. In simple words Ru Pay card is merged with the NCMC card.

Earlier For the development of the hardware and the standard for the NCMC card the C-DAC is given the responsibilty.

Advantages of National Common Mobility Card

If you are interested to avail the NCMC card. Then you should also be aware of the advantages associated with the card.The advantages of the National Common Mobility card are as follows.

  • The card can be used for both Transport and non transport payments.
  • The transaction made by the card are more easy and reliable.
  • It is the fastest mode of payment.
  • The card is issued by the Bank.
  • The transaction made using the card are fare.
  • Card use can help you make payment for the weekly, daily,  monthly, short trips, Making the plan flexible.
  • Easy to access the service.
  • Have distinguish usage available for the students, Elders as well as disabled.

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Technical specification NCMC

The National Common Mobility card make use of the Automated Fare Collection. It is a smart mode of Payment. Providing the intelligent Public transport by making use of the pre paid tickets. The tickets or the pass confirmed by making use of the electronic system. It allows the commuters to get the access to the various transportation services. The card NCMC  is an open system based on EMV standards.

Contact less smart card

The contact card are the electronic smart card which has the IC means the Integrated Circuit embedded on the card. The IC use can process and store the information, data and can also communicate with other terminal.

  • The CSC card Mifare® DESFire cards. It has the 3DES encryption which is based on the transport protocol. It complies with the part of ISO 14443.
  • The use of the ISO 14443 Standard is to developed to provide the identification of the card with the  proximity RFID parameters.
  • The use of Contact less card under the methodology of ISO Standard.

History of Mobility Card

NCMC are the National Mobility card which is used for the different modes of transport such as Metro, Bus, Taxi, Toll gate,etc. It is also known as the More card. The card was launched in the year 2016.

Earlier the launch of the More card lead to the failure of the scheme. As per the Shri Venkaiah Naidu  a commitee was set up to get the card which is acceptable for the  inter-operable across different transport systems in the country. So now the NCMC made it possible.

The travel card can be used for different transport modes. The best part of the CMC card is that the money in the card can be loaded in different Denominations.

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