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National Child Labour Projects (NCLP) – PDF, Project, Budget

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National Child Labour Projects (NCLP) –  Many of the children are still unable to access the common dates like food and education which is mandatory for the children.  By considering various strategies and scenarios which are probably work encouraging children towards trending bright future the central cabinet upload a project called national child labor project in the cabinet in 1988. The complete project runs under the Ministry of labor and employment.

The main objective of the scheme is to provide rehabilitation for the child labor across the India. Steamworks with a proper strategic approach by focusing on child labor who are working in hazardous and bring them back to their normal life.  Is the first instance itself the authorities of the scheme brings children who are working in hazardous locations &  take them to allocation where the normal school system enabled.  The mainstream of the project functioning at the district level with incomplete funding structure helps in building structures and accommodate the basic facilities for the children rehabilitation centers.  Under the scheme district level opening of special schools are rehabilitation centers for child labour can be done within a short period of time.  Search rehabilitation center or school provides nonformal,  bridge skill growth and also the vocational training to the children along with providing mid-day meal v a cab amount of rupees permanently for children per month.  It also extends to provide healthcare facilities through a doctor corporate recruiter 20 schools.

National Child Labour Projects (NCLP)

The overall process of system works based on a proper strategy which will enhance is the functionality of the scheme properly.  Initially at the district level scheme society conducts the survey to identify the children who are working in hazardous locations and processes. Best of the information the scheme society will approach and bring them back to the paranormal location. Based on the age factor, the children who are aged between 5 to 8 years will directly send to a formal educational system and the children who are aged between 9 to 14 years will send to rehabilitation centers established by project society.

The entire project will be monitored by district-level officials, magistrate,  collector, deputy commissioner,  district collector. Identifying and allocating district level authorities are completely done by the scheme overall authority members like chairman and other members of the society.  Based on the requirement and service eligibility criteria the chairman and company members will send the appropriate person from the government center or any of the NGOs groups in the locality.  These persons physically work towards bringing awareness and reducing child labor.

District level funding can be done based on the project activities and also the growth rate in a respective district level work.

National Child Labour Projects (NCLP)

Benefits of the scheme and object

As the project majorly concerned about the child labor and their activity which are the gain in from indication to the society,  the central government ministry of labor and employment taking the initiative to eliminate such child labor encouragement and bring them back to the school in life.

  • This scheme itself organized enable structure format which is bringing better improvement in element child labor.
  •  To encourage children towards the education system the society also look into various other options and availability for encouraging children and their family
  •  Based on the eligibility criteria and the scope to provide various other benefits to the family members of the child to encourage towards the education, society itself looks into the benefits and other eligibility schemes for the family also.
  • As the scheme is a self-organized,   the overall developmental progress of the scheme and establishment of schools in a respective district will be done by the society itself irrespective of other existing government sector related schools.
  •  Based on the age factor,  the children segregate into the school and rehabilitation centers where they can come up with a good thought process and initiatives.
  •  The schools which are established under the scheme are purely run by the members of the scheme itself and these schools are purely singing the present education system and also for encouraging students who are aged between 9 to 14 years too. Turn them into the educational system.

National Child Labour Projects (NCLP)

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National Child Labour Projects (NCLP) PDF

National Child Labour Projects (NCLP) Budget


The scheme is designed and implemented in the 7th planning commission itself to enhance the future of India children educational system and eliminating the children to work dangerous and hazardous locations as well.  According to survey due to lack of awareness and financial support, many families are encouraging their children to work in nearby companies, factories and other locations for the income source.  The whole scenario is completely damaging the future society and the growth. To avoid such situation and encourage children towards the educational system and give them a bright future will help to build the bright future.

  • Under the skin, the children who are aged between 9 to 14 years will be taken up a rehabilitation center where the complete skill development programme will be given to the children to facilitate vocational training as well.
  • It also provides an awareness programme in the locality where the maximum number of children are working in companies to educate the families and other society members.
  •  It also provides the complete information and taking care of the process structure to avail additional benefits to the families who are below poverty line and unable to access the common and basic facilities & amenities.
  • Call children aged between 5 to 8 years will directly take them to the scoring system where they can learn the basic education.
  • The expected outcomes of the scheme are very well.  The district level escape authorities and other members are purely identified and selected by the chairman level members of the scheme national bank.  The members of the project at the district level will be the collector, deputy collector, commissioner or deputy commissioner.  Under the guidance, only the complete strategy and other developmental activities will be done.
  • The establishment of district level schools at rehabilitation centers also approved by the district level members and national level members as well.
  • Continuous monitoring of the scheme and its strategies at the district level will give a prominent improvement in the results taking care of.
  •  Depends upon the project and information level strategies and also the statistics of the growth rate additional initiatives will be taken up by the society itself.
  • The complete body shows the entire project is taking care of central government which was approved in the seventh plan of the commission itself.
  • According to the statistics, there are more than 6000 special schools established by the scheme itself more than 10 lakh people are able in the skin benefits.

The overall improvement and progress of email appreciate able structure which is really running with the shelf infrastructure team.  As it is a role of state and central governments to avoid child labour the activities of the scheme is working very well towards a bright growth.

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