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National Career Service (NCS) – PDF, Project, Logo, Contact Details

National Career Service (NCS)
Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

National Career Service (NCS) – National career service is one of the oldest and minus program undertaken by the ministry of labour and employment.  This works as a bridge between the job seekers and employers. Funding opportunities and also the right person is difficult.  To avoid such situation government of india  Ministry of labour and employment taken an initiative for bridging the gap between the job seeker and employer.  People who are looking for the right job have to apply through the portal with a valid registration at the same time the employer also should register in the same portal with a valid input of requirement and dataset qualification along with the job responsibility and roles.  This information helps the job seekers go through and the desired requirements are fulfilled that the job seeker can apply for respect position.

This is one kind of employment exchange portal where nationwide job seekers and providers will be registered and provide the details about the requirement and the qualifications. There is around 4.3 crore job seekers are registered under the skin and around 15 lakh job providers also released,  more than 8.5 lakh people I got the job with the bottle the register employer organization.  The overall structure built by the government of india along with the ministry of labour and employment.  The main aim of the program is to provide a valid information and communicate the employee and employer to get the right person into the job. Unlike the other programs, this is purely design for the purpose of providing a valid information to the employees or job seekers at the right place.

It also enhances the possibilities of providing the job information to the job seekers in various other sectors like the private and public sector.  It connects with all the sectors like industrial and nonindustrial centers where the scope of employment is high.  In addition to the existing program, this also and have service providing like communication and skill development programs which will give a complete workshop for understanding and learn the basic communication skills which your help getting the right job.  The skill development program allows job seekers to learn the new technologies and picture of specific tool or program.

National Career Service

Depending upon the availability and scope of providing the employer also involved in providing the training program for the job seekers.  This entire program will be monitored by the ministry of labour and employment to increase the level of usability and user-friendly manner to improve.


The main objective of this program is to bridge the gaps between the employee and employer facilitate common portal which can allow the job seekers and employer to furnish their information and to get the desired job opportunity without searching here and there.  This I also encourage job seekers to learn the new skills and the basic communication skills which are mandatory for getting the right job.  It also provides the complete information in a transparent mode where there is no scope of furnishing unfamiliar false information in the portal.  It brings the new approachment to validate employer requirements and organization strength.  This will enhance to reduce the fake information to furnish in the portal.

How to apply and Eligibility criteria

Candidates who are passed there graduation or secondary level education and looking for a job can be used in the portal. Candidate how to fill the complete information which leads to providing a proper job opportunities to the portal.  Each and every field like educational qualification and communication channels desired skills and additional qualifications and also the location where he or she resides and also the information like what kind of job opportunities they are looking for and what are the eligibility criteria to get the job in a particular organization or company, etc.

National Career Service

Based on the information provided by the job seeker the portal automatically switches the relevant information which will suit the employer and also the job seeker.  The whole information and the desired communication skills should match with the employer requirements and also the candidates should process to have a personal interview the along with technical skill testing by the employer.

After completion of a proper scrutinizing employer,  the job seeker can approach the organization directly to face additional interviews and technical skill testing.  Once completion of all the formalities, the job seeker can get a job with a respect for the organisation.  It complete scenario perform in a timely manner best already that is a skill and technical eligibility of the candidate only.   After job seeker qualified and appointed in an organization then it will consider as one application got the job in a registered employer company.  Based on the entire process completion and getting the job only the bottle counts as one application for the job and that particular resistance will be listed in job secured candidates category,  which means in further improvements that particular candidate will not get any job suggestions for a while.  If the candidate wants to change the profile or looking for a new job then we can all day again register and edit few details which are mandatory to change according to the requirement.

By following the above-mentioned portal link,  the job seekers and also the employees can register easily.  This portal is user-friendly where there is no additional complications exist.  Just preparing the formal requirement as a job seeker or employer it will register the complete information.

Contact Details

Telephone no. – 01975 227 157


National Career Service (NCS)

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National Career Service (NCS) – Logo


The ministry of labour and employment in the year 2015 launches a new way of approachment for the people who are looking the jobs and also the organizations who are looking for the right candidate.  This portal used to manage as a bridge between the job seekers and employer.  Becoming gets the requirements of an organization who are registered in the portal and the eligibility criteria and with completely telling about job roles and responsibilities.  This information is sufficient for a job seeker to go through and if the required skills and job roles and responsibilities are matching then the candidate can approach the company directly where there is no third party approachment.   This complete scenario starts once again interested and also when the candidate looking for the right opportunity in any of the location.

In addition to this,  under the program of national career service the job seekers and also avail the benefits like getting involved in the basic communication skills program and also the technical program workshops which will give a better approachment to the organizations to fetch the right candidate for the requirements.  All starts with the basic scrutinize of the list of job seekers application and depending upon the matching criteria of eligibility and educational qualification the candidates will be identified by the organization to go for further appointments.  According to the organization proceedings the candidate has to pay for the formalities and if the candidate qualified and secured a job then the information will be updated in the bottle is safe which means a candidate security job in a particular organization.

This information is for the purpose of avoiding situations or providing a chance to the next candidates. Registered candidates will get the notifications to the registered mobile number and email address the detail in the of the job seekers requirement and magic criteria.  This whole process works towards providing incomplete information sharing to the candidates for approaching the organizations where there is opportunities exist.

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