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National Biopharm Mission

Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

Biopharmaceutical development is a crucial part of developing India and needs major attention. Keeping all these issues in mind, the Union Ministry of Science & Technology has launched National Bipolar Mission. The main aim of this ideology is to empower and accelerate the growth of the biopharmaceutical industry. The industry which is very wide and there is a huge scope of growth.

A scheme called Innovate in India was also launched by the ministry under this mission. The aim of this program is mainly to encourage entrepreneurship. These schemes have interesting and effective missions which need to be fulfilled. Let us now have a closer look towards its objectives and implementation process.


The Need for Biopharma

  • Pharmacy and India have a strong connection since ancient times. India has always been active in the global pharmaceutical industry. Many life-saving drugs and low-cost products have been made here which are accessible to common people at affordable prices.
  • But all these advancements couldn’t make India stand out in front of countries like Korea, China etc. These countries are 10-15 years forward and give a stiff competition.
  • The problem basically lies in the system itself. Centres of excellence which are disconnected, neglected translational research and uncertain funding have all been major reasons for these loop holes.
  • All this gave rise to an immediate requirement or basically an evolution of changes. Innovation became a compulsion more than a demand. Product discovery, translational research etc need our consolidated efforts.  Early stage manufacturing also has a crucial role to play in the development of this field.
  • So basically what we need is a combined effort to promote all these innovations in various fields and also keep a check that the system working for it has the best intellectual minds.
  • It, therefore, becomes very important to support these missions aiming to bring a change which is otherwise less initiated.
  • Now let us look at more details of the National Biopharm Mission

About National Biopharma Mission

The aim of the mission is to initiate and create such an ecosystem which prepares and enhances India’s technological capabilities in the biopharmaceuticals. Also, the product development needs to be taken up to a globally competitive level over the next decade. The health standards of the country also need a major attention. This will be achieved through product development which is another important motive of the scheme.

A PSU Department of Biotechnology has taken up a major responsibility of the implementation of the scheme. Under this, Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council( BIRAC) will take up the initiative. Now, as we need effective solutions to the problems which will be given through product development value chain. This will also provide a productive direction by bringing the national and international standards closer.

Research is very important and compulsory in this product development field which needs an integrated approach.  This will strengthen and the entire system by accelerating the process. Research is an important requirement for a country’s development as well.

This will help not only in immediate product development for addressing public health needs but also help to create an ecosystem which will facilitate the development of a continuous pipeline of products.

Certain products such as vaccines, medical devices, biotherapeutics and diagnostics etc.  will be under the major influence of this mission. This again is a very good initiative by the government. Not only the research development but proper concern needs to be for the infrastructure as well. Shared infrastructures and other facilities also require work and attention.   The management skills specific to certain domains will be built and strengthened at the same time.  The technological capabilities of the public and private sector need a lot of enhancement. So basically this scheme has an overall approach towards the biopharmaceutical development.


The biopharmaceuticals have their own importance and need to reach people in a convenient way.  Proper research needs to be done in terms of the development of this field and its products as it is mandatory. National Biopharma mission must be given its own space to develop and acquire an evolution of changes. This is not just a random scheme but requires intellectual minds working together for the betterment of the society as a whole.

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