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Nai Manzil Scheme Application form, PDF, Contact Details

Nai Manzil Scheme
Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

Nai Manzil Scheme –  According to the 2001 census Statistics, over 20 Percent of India’s Inhabitants of 1,028 million Is Currently Included of Minorities. One of these, Muslims include the most significant minority of 13.4% followed closely by Christians including 2.3 percent, Sikhs 1.9 percent, Buddhists 0.8 percent, Jains 0.4 percent and also really few of Parsis. The faculty drop out the price of Minorities is rather higher, standing at 14 percent in chief degrees (in opposition to federal 2 percent) and 18 percent in approximate degree (in opposition to federal 3 percent). The labor participation fee of Minorities is significantly lower compared to the national average (44 percent against a federal average of 54 percent) signaling the deficiency of employability capacities one of the general public.

The approaches from our government to Minority communities concentrate on activities and Minority people on leadership and skill improvement. Depending on 2013 study executed by EdCIL (India) Limited, Ministry of Human Resource progress, faculty flat-rate rates one of Muslims is currently amongst the maximum within the nation which drop outside is mainly in the most important degree. Even the Sachchar Committee Report on Status of Minorities in India (2005) additionally stands out to instruction impact one of Muslims as a result of reasons like poverty, and low-income yield in instruction, inadequate accessibility for colleges, etc.. It is necessary to own a whole programme which may ensure usage of instruction that may have yields regarding tasks. A revolution of this Minority group by means of an incorporated strategy of instruction and talent coaching is supposed planning to handle employability and education success of their minorities.

The objective of Nai Manzil Scheme

  • Supply social security to them and basic salary 
  • Raise sensitization and consciousness in life insurance and wellness abilities.
  • Nai Manzil intends to activate with inferior Minority childhood and permit them to gain sustainable and gainful job chances which may ease these to become incorporated together with mainstream financial pursuits.
  • Specific goals of the job for your subsequent five decades have been the following: i. Mobilise childhood in minority communities that are college dropouts and supply them with proper instruction and accreditation upward to par 8th or even 10th during National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) or alternative State open up instruction approaches. ii. As a portion of this programme, present the childhood in the market with Skill training.
  • Present 70 percent of the youth with placements Entitlements such as Provident finances, Employee State Insurance (ESI) etc..)

Nai Manzil Scheme

Nai Manzil Scheme

  • The fundamental strategy is intended to handle the livelihood and educational demands of minority communities lagging behind with respect to academic attainments.
  • It intends to supply instructional intervention offering the bridge classes to the pupils and becoming them Certificates to get course XII and X out of space moderate informative platform.
  • It attempts to give trade foundation ability trained in four different classes at an identical period of official instruction, in place of (Id) producing (ii) Engineering (iii) products and services (IV) strong competencies.
  • It plans to pay people between 17 to 3-5 age class out of most minority communities in addition to Madrasa college students.
  • This strategy can offer new paths to get minorities for ongoing high instruction and additionally open job chances within the organized industry.


Nai Manzil Scheme


  • The analyzing of the social and economic background could be possible with the scheme as the scheme will to focus on the people belonging to the minorities. so the NMY is working for the same to achieve the development of the minority people.
  • The implementation of the NMY will take place in the form of different phases which would cover the entire country but the focus will be on main geographical areas where mostly minority people live.
  • The main focus of the scheme is to bring the economic as well as literacy equity among the people who belong to the low caste who could not afford the facilities of education
  • The project will be implemented by the Ministry of Minority Affairs along with the Joint Secretary selected by the Ministry.

Training under NMY

The seven sectors where training will be provided are listed below:

  • Saffron processing
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Food processing
  • Electronics
  • Embroidery
  • Plumbing
  • Computers and IT (both software and hardware)

Nature of training and stipend

The training will be provided in the region nearby so that the user can avail it easily. The skills which are most suited in a particular region and demand of that work will be considered and the training will be provided so that the aspirants can get the job in the same area itself. Along with the training the aspirants will also be provided with a stipend of Rs 4500 for their work during the training period.

Financial assistance from World Bank

The NMY is provided with the financial assistance from the world bank according to an agreement between the union government and the bank and the bank will provide worth $50 million for the successful running of the programme. It will also highlight the India status in the international circle and will turn the focus of other countries toward the skilled workers of India.

Eligibility and Condition For Nai Manzil Scheme

  • The beneficiary/trainee has to belong to some minority neighborhood in view of the National Commission for Minorities Act 1992.
  • If in some specific countries and Union Territories, then you will find a number of additional minority communities that can be characterized with the various regulatory bodies, even subsequently people applicants qualify beneath this strategy nevertheless they’re only permitted to occupy to five percent of their entire selection of chairs.
  • The beneficiary has to be more than 17 decades old, but in addition should be below 3-5 decades too.
    For the urban and rural locations, it’s compulsory for an individual prospect to collapse underneath the BPL group.
  • There’s also the very least eligibility, and the prospect has to meet so as to go for a path under this strategy. To get a trainee to turn in an application for your Course 8 management application, although it’s essential to allow you to truly have a class 5 departure or faculty leaving certification, it’s essential for your Course 10 bond application candidate for demonstrating off a course 8 departure or faculty leaving certification. Then that a self-certificate that must say his ability to follow the program must be provided by an offender when it’s not current. The offender has to match the grade of the age.
  • Even though there’s a booking of thirty percent of those chairs to women applicants, 5 percent of those chairs have been allowed for men having a handicap who belong to the minority neighborhood. 15 percentage applicants that belong to communities nevertheless collapse below the BPL class are also contemplated under this scheme.
  • A target of education 100,000 candidates would be usually to be executed within an interval of five decades as this app is really apparently described as a rolled outside over the nation. Whereas the rest will likely soon be dispersed at the next 4 decades approximately just 2 percent that, should take good care of at the very first season.

Procedure For Nai Manzil Scheme

  • Coaching by proficient gurus — Beneath the strategy, just people bureaus are going to have the ability to engage that can establish themselves surprised by revealing they will have a favorable history. They should possess experts who’ll offer the applicants with training that is effective.
  • Choosing the most applicants — After the application form was created by most candidates that are curious, the decision procedure begins. To get the region of the program the candidates will probably likely be selected.
  • Placement chances — Each Of the NGOs and also PIAs ought to put at 70 percent of the overall applicants they’ve trained over a period of a couple of weeks, following the prosperous conclusion of this program.
  • MSDE standards have to be followed closely — it’s been said that most pursuits, associated with this program of this strategy need to be each of the principles and criteria of their MSDE. It says the applicants will probably be given training according to the person’s capacities.
  • NSQF standards — The groundwork of these coaching modules and also syllabus is going to likely be done in line with the instructions set down at the MES and also perhaps the QP-NOS. From staying in the NSQF standards, it’ll aid the bureaus.

Nai Manzil Scheme

  • Creating communicating with businesses predicated on — it really could be the obligation of the PIAs to supply the patient with tasks right after the conclusion of their practice. They should be with businesses that are based to optimize odds of work.
  • Monitoring those tasks of this set candidates — Aside from supplying occupations and post-placement fiscal grants, then it’s going to be that the obligation of the PIAs to monitor those tasks of each or any candidates. The PIAs has to see them just another endeavor if everyone one of the candidates drops their occupation.

How To Apply

Nevertheless, that the empanelment can possibly be canceled with the Ministry in any certain time since it reserves the right to terminate it with no notice. As each prerequisite, every single fiscal calendar year, the Ministry may impanel organizations. Ministry employs a specialized Service Agency to further check the candidate organization’s qualifications. In the beginning, the suggestions, that are accredited by the Secretary of Minority Affairs are considered by the Sanctioning Committee. App of PIAs would be encouraged from the Ministry throughout papers along with Ministry’s official site. The Expression of Interest (EoI) would subsequently be filed with all the curious associations, that can soon be analyzed by the Ministry’s Sanctioning Committee. For the plot time period, the empanelment will stay legitimate. The Ministry gets got the legal rights to alter the task of the app at any certain time.

Apply online for NMY

| SarkariNiti

You can apply online through the official website of the Ministry of Minority affairs as the portal provides the online application for registration yourself at the portal. You can also make use of the link given on the page below for ease to avail the access to apply online.



Contact Details

Director (Skill)
Nai Manzil Scheme, Skill Division,
Ministry of Minority Affairs
11th Floor, Pandit Deendayal Antyodaya Bhawan,
CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003
Helpline -1800-11-2001 (Toll-Free)
Email – [email protected]

Nai Manzil Scheme PDF and Application form 


A professor of political science in the Aligarh Muslim University, scholars like Mirza Asmer Beg, are still of their belief the report has shown that Muslims don’t succeed but should granted leadership that is right and the opportunity they are able to shine. Advisors clarify the programme because of a fantastic initiative from our government, however at an identical period that they revealed questions regarding its likely outcomes. This tool can be a job to get the purpose of evolution for a great many. The guidelines have been worth execution and also the programme reputable the basic principle of bettering even the previous man from the lineup.

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