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Mukhyamantri Nidan Yojana

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The flagship scheme launched in the state of Gujarat on the 7th of April 2016 to revise and improve the quality of health services that are currently being offered by the government for the people of Gujarat.
The hon’ble chief minister of Gujarat made an announcement stating that free, improved, better quality medical facilities and treatment options will be provided to the people residing in both the rural and urban areas of the state. Under the provisions, the health centres will be equipped with modern treatment facilities and every patient will not have to visit private hospitals for their top class treatment.
This scheme includes all government colleges, hospitals and health centres within Gujarat that would have the latest technologies and medical equipment to perform any kind of medical test. These tests would be for free and will only be available to the people of the state.


Where will the Mukhyamantri Nidan Yojana be implemented?

Serial no. Types of Government medical centres in Gujarat                No. Of medical centres under the project
1         Sub Health Centre’s (SHCs) 9156
2 Primary Health Centres (PHCs) 1342
3 Community Health Centres (CHCs) 331
4 Sub-District Hospitals 33
5 District Hospitals 22
6 Medical Colleges 16

Initialisation of the MNY

The Chief Minister of Gujarat had launched this free medical test for all the people of the state, the scheme was launched in the town of Mahemdavad. As promised to the people of Gujarat that they will no longer need to go to private labs for their medical tests. All kinds of tests like diabetes, urine, stool, blood, malaria, hepatitis, etc, will be done for free within the state and its state run hospitals and health centres. For this project, the CM has already granted Rs. 3.75 crore for the town of Mahemdavad, Gujarat.
What are the types of medical testes covered under the scheme?
 Urine Analysis
 Clinical Pathology
 Biochemistry
 Microbiology
 Radiology
 Cardiology

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