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MukhyaMantri Hamari Beti Yojana

Mukesh Jindal
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In Rajasthan, Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje has launched a very useful scheme for the girls of the state, the scheme was named as the MukhyaMantri Hamari Beti Yojana. This scheme is very beneficial for girls coming first in the 10th and 12th class in the state. This year, under the Chief Minister’s scheme, Rajasthan Government has awarded the Gargi Award for 92,000 thousand girls coming first in the state.

Under the scheme, Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje has selected three talented girls from every district of the state to provide the necessary things with financial support. Under the Chief Minister’s scheme, the state government is reducing the number of schemes to promote girls education. The poor girls of the state, whose economic condition is weak, will help in getting an education from the scheme. The state government has already provided cycles and laptops to the talented girls of the state in the Gargi award. Education is a very powerful weapon to change the world, so Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Monday to promote and educate the youth of the state.


Objectives of the MukhyaMantri Hamari Beti Yojana

  • The scheme offers special financial assistance to build a strong nation with women empowerment
  • Promote the talent that women share as one and put an end to biased and inequality against women in the nation
  • The scheme would provide financial assistance to the girls that come from all the districts
  • To encourage girls to do well and stand up to compete in today’s society as well as bring them up to a point where they can stand on their own two feet not having to be dependent on others.
  • Building them a platform to work on their own skills and show them off.
  • Not having to depend on others for anything
  • To let a load of that parents from poor areas of the nation face to help their children study.
  • To encourage and assist them to allow their child to study further on and save up for higher studies.

Benefits of the MukhyaMantri Hamari Beti Yojana

  • The State Government will provide financial assistance of Rs 2.25 lakh to the three girls coming from all the districts of the state in the 10th class.
  • Benefits of financial assistance to three girls living below the poverty line.
  • The Government is providing financial assistance of Rs 15,000 for girls studying in 11th and 12th class and Rs 25,000 for higher education.
  • The State Government has given Gargi awards to 92,000 thousand girls this year.

Eligibility Criteria for the MukhyaMantri Hamari Beti Yojana

  • School girl should be native to Rajasthan.
  • Girls are only eligible for this scheme.
  • Only three girls coming first in class 10
  • Only one girl in the first coming BPL category in the 10th grade is eligible for Chief Minister’s daughter plan.

Important documents required to register under the MukhyaMantri Hamari Beti Yojana

  • Passport size photo
  • Mark sheet of 10th
  • Aadhar Card
  • Bank account details
  • Bhamashah card
  • BPL card

How to apply for the MukhyaMantri Hamari Beti Yojana?

  • Meet Principal of Headmaster / Institution of the applicant’s school
  • Applicants can get the District Education Officer from Rajasthan to take advantage of this scheme.
  • Fill out the application form and put all the necessary documents together
  • Fill out the application form along with all required documents to the district education officer of the concerned district


The Chief Minister is one of those very important schemes of to bring forth the daughters of India, Chief Minister, Shri Vasundhara Raje. Under this scheme, the scheme has been started to give financial support to the meritorious toppers and to increase the level of education of girl child.

Due to the lack of funds girls born in the poor society of people are not able to afford to the growing cost of books and educational qualities leading parents to have them married off at a very young age.

With the recent implementation of GST, there has been a rise in the prices for education and all facilities that come under the newly implemented tax structure which has led to making all the states governments launch schemes to ease the pressure of costs.

Reference and details

The government of Rajasthan has launched the scheme, for further details click on the link provided

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