MPEDA to develop GPS-based Database for Export-Oriented Aquaculture Farms

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Mukesh Jindal
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To safeguard the health and give better export of Seafood Ministry of commerce and industry under the surveillance of Marine products export development authority (MPEDA) decided to trace aquaculture farms regarding virus and antibiotic. MPEDA launched GPS system Database to protect the consumers and to follow the health norms of foreign nations. It is all due to that in the season of summer there are lots of diseases evacuate through seafood. To save the consumer and also export from sea shore area this is the very important step taken by Govt. to trace the aquaculture farms of a different area of the country.

Under MPEDA a unique ID code given to the aquaculture farm to access and trace their formation and delivery. Unique ID will contain the basic information data of the farmers. There are around one lakh farms throughout India in which 65595 already enrolled and rest of 54165 going to enroll soon. The UID enrolled units can be checked from farm to the consumer.


The (PHT) Pre-harvest test is mandatory for all farms to banned antibiotics and dangerous virus from the seafood. So the PHT certificate is compulsory for all exports from aquaculture farms, especially for Europe. This kind of measure is also compulsory for Japan, USA, Europe due to the strict quality of seafood export norms. To ensure the quality MPEDA continuously keep a keen eye on the farms. MPEDA also empower the market price management practices and also awareness campaign to sanitize the seafood to escape from their ill effects.


Marine products export development authority (MPEDA) was developed in 1972 and its headquarter is situated in Kochi. MPEDA is only the registration and controlling authority of all Sea products. It will check the quality, price, market as well as supply to the domestic and beyond the International boundaries.


  • Control the quality
  • To control aquaculture farms for not sending antibiotics seafood in exports.
  • Safeguard human health.
  • Give quality exports.

Significance and Importance

  • It will help to keep safe export
  • It will help to safeguard the domestic health of the consumer.
  • Mandatory of PHT certificate is a very good decision.
  • GPS tracking database is also helping to monitor around one lakh farms.
  • It will make seafood safe from the ill effects of antibiotics and from another dangerous virus.


To safeguard the consumer’s life and also to give quality export to other nation this is a very important step taken by MPEDA.

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