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Mother and Child Tracking System (MCTS)

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Mother and Child Tracking System MCTS – Mother and Child Tracking System (MCTS) scheme which is formed from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. As the Mother and Child Tracking System is meant as name-based tracking system of pregnant women. Which will be used the tracking the pregnant women details through online. As the software will be helpful and very adequate and gives timely feedback, which may be operated by the health workers who may, in turn, can ensure that pregnant women can receive all adequate Ante-natal and Post-natal care also it will improve the prominent institutional deliveries. The system will aim to track all the newborn kids so that times and complete immunization can be headed to the kids. The Mother and Child Tracking System will be implemented in all the states / UTs. It coves the mother details from conception till 42 days after delivery. The infants are covered all around five years of age. As per the report about the pregnant women registered under the Mother and Child Tracking System have been crossed more than 1 crore mark. Those who have got the MCTS number after the delivery of their baby can check the status in online in the official portal. Using the number provided to you, use that number and check about that in online.

Mother and Child Tracking System MCTS


As the MCTS is an initiative taken by the Government of India for the welfare of the women. The application will be gearing information technology for ensuring prominent delivery of full spectrum to the healthcare department as well as immunization to all the pregnant women and for the newborn kids, who are around below 5 years of age. This is an innovative, web-based application, which has been particularly developed by the NIC, the MCTS facilitate and monitor service delivery as well as to establish both the way of communication between the Service providers and also the beneficiaries. The health workers will be planning for ANMs, by sending the regular alerts to those service providers as well as beneficiaries regarding the service due in a user-friendly dashboard for health managers at various levels to monitor delivery of good services to give a quality service of delivery. There are some quality things like micro birth planning, ensuring universal immunization and also will have a positive impact on important health indicators like infant Mortality Rate and also Mortality Ratio. The System will also help in evidence which will be based on planning at the continuous assessment of service delivery for the pregnant women and newborn kids.


  • The Mother and Child Tracking System will ensure for the welfare of the pregnant women and kids.
  • The Government has implemented this scheme in all the states/ UTs.
  • The programme will be covering the mothers for over some 42 days, once after the delivery.
  • The pregnant women will be getting an MCTS number, which can be checked in the online using that MCTS number.
  • MCTS have recently included a New Mission Mode Project with the help of National e-Governance Plan.
  • The web-based application will be helpful for health workers to keep in tracking about the pregnant women and newborn
  • The ANMs will be forwarding the regularly updated alerts to all the service provides along with the beneficiaries of the services due with a user-friendly dashboard.
  • The special services various level will be having like service delivery, micro-birth planning, and also ensuring universal immunization.
  • The benefits will be going to the kids who are up to 5 years of age for a good immunization.

Mother and Child Tracking System MCTS


Those who Pregnant women can only eligible for the scheme and those newborn kids whose mothers are registered in the Mother and Child Tracking System, those kids are also eligible for the 30 immunization.

How to Apply

  • Pregnant women will be allotted with an MCTS number.
  • The number can be used to check the online by providing login ID and password.
  • Once the page gets open, you can search by ID, it should be mother ID.
  • The details will be on your display and Verify option.
  • You can check all your details correctly and if any modification you can edit.

Required Documents

  • Registration of Pregnant Women:

When a pregnant woman visits the Health Center or any Sub-Center and gets herself registered. Once she gets registered with the firsts Ante-Natal Care (ANC) Service then she will be registered for the getting the full health services.

  • Registration of Children for immunization:

In order to get the Children immunization facility, the pregnant women should get registered as MCTS (for more details follow the above step). And the child will get 30 immunizations for each kid.

Mother and Child Tracking System MCTS

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Mother and Child Tracking System MCTS PDF


Mother and Child Tracking System are developed by NIC. MCTS is a tracking system, as the application is a web application, and the scheme of the Mother and child tracking will be available in online as per the web application is running and will be complete for the welfare of the women and newborn kids. The MCTS was first available in the year of 1st December 2009 and the version was updated on the 29th June 2016 as the version is a 2.0. The data which is getting uploaded through the USSD by the ANMs are all on a real-time basis on the Mother and Child tracking system. The Mother and child tracking system will be the working among all the states. And it will be portal form the remotest part of the country. As the user having the MCTS number can use that to check his details in online for the complete benefits of the scheme. And the scheme will be working only for the welfare of the pregnant women and newborn kids.

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