Modi launched “Amma Two wheeler” scheme in Tamil Nadu

Modi launched Amma two wheeler scheme in Tamil nadu
Mukesh Jindal
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Prime minister of India Narendra Modi is giving more thrust on women empowerment in India by launching various schemes for women day by day. PM Modi started a new scheme for women named as “Amma two Wheeler Scheme” for the working women of Tamil Nadu. PM Modi already announced this scheme in 2016 but launched on the birth anniversary of Former chief minister Amma Jayalalitha on 24th Feb. This is the subsidized scheme for women to purchase gearless scooter at @ 25000/- amount whereas 50% of the amount given by Govt.


amma two wheeler scheme

Features of Scooter    

  • Morphed or scooter will have no gear.
  • Its engine will be of 125cc.
  • There is also a provision of an extra spare wheel for disable people.

Modi Launched

Eligibility and condition

  • Women should be the resident of Tamil Nadu
  • She must have a Voter card.
  • Her age should lie between 18-40.
  • She must have minimum qualification of 8th
  • Applicant should have knowledge of ridding and traffic signs.
  • She must have a valid license.
  • Housewife or head of the family women can also apply for this scheme.
  • Working women should apply for this scheme.
  • Women whose annual income not exceed than 2.5 lakh can apply easily.

Features of this scheme

  • Under this scheme Govt. will provide 50% subsidy on the purchase of gearless scooter or morphed for the working women of Tamil Nadu state.
  • Only 50% of amount need to pay by the beneficiary rest 25000/- will be given by govt in your bank account.
  • The process to get subsidy amount is very easy. After checking all the documents beneficiary will get subsidy directly in their bank account under RBI norms.
  • Govt. will provide the benefit of this scheme to only one lakh of women per year.

Amma two wheeler scheme tamil nadu


PM Modi statted very good scheme for the upliftment and empowerment of women. Tamil Nadu will become the first state in India where Govt is providing a huge subsidy to one lakh women per annum.


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