Modi Gear up ‘Namami Gange Programme’

Modi Gear up Namami gange Programme
Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

Modi Govt. continuously working on Namami Gange programme under National Mission for Clean Ganga from Last three years. The Ganga is flowing in the various regions and her path is also too long, it passes from various big cities, town, and villages, everytime lots of garbage, untreated water, industrial waste, sanitary waste everything is dissolving in this water which I really worst. To stops and Clear the Ganga govt. already running a lot of projects which are under process with completion target. Nowadays National mission for clean gang started other projects to clean the Ganga body from all sides.

Modi to gear up namami gange plan

Mainly Ganga is widely spread in UP, Bengal, and Bihar. Now NMCG is going to focus on a small project of cleaning sewage, Treatment plants for Industrial waste. Total 4000 crore rupees going to spend on under the project in the mentioned three states of India. Whereas total 187 projects are sanctioned by the govt. under Namami Gange Project. It includes various task like sewage treatment plant, surface cleaning, Public awareness, Rural sanitation, STP for industries, Biodiversity etc. In which there are projects are ongoing and they are going to finish in three years. Govt. had already planned to complete the project before 2020. Around 1600 crore rupees going to spend in Kanpur region,  the most polluted stretch of Ganga in India due to hug Industries. A lot of polluted tanneries with untreated water discharging continuously in Kanpur. Along with this project  904 crores for rehabilitation and integration of sewage treatment project in Allahabad. Beside this, around 6 crore rupees sanctioned for the project on the sewage infrastructure some of Bihar region.

Objective Namami Gange Programme

  • To secure Ganga river from polluted water especially from Industrial untreated sewage
  • To maintain and give a better environment to the society.
  • To safeguard the water resources of the country.

Significance and importance Namami Gange Programme

  • The Ganga is the religious river and Hindu use it as a Ganga Jal.
  • Clean Ganga will provide us with clean water, air, and nature.
  • It will help in better cultivation on the agriculture land.
  • It will boost more tourism on Ghat as well as on river banks.
  • It will improve groundwater for better drinking water.

Namami Gange

Key Function

Following mentioned are the points which will describe you the key function of the Namami Gange Project. So check the points below:

  • The project is implemented by the National Ganga River Basin Authority.
  • The National Ganga River Basin Project is also supported by the World Bank.
  • The project is implemented by the support Government of India under NGRBA.

Clean Ganga Purpose

The clean Ganga Fund has been approved for the Namami Ganga project and the details of the work to be included in the project have been mentioned below:

The clean Ganga Fund will be utilized in the following works:

  • Setting Treatment plants
  • Cleaning Ganga
  • Conservation of Biodiversity
  • Public amenities developments
  • Research and redevelopment activities for the Ghats


In our opinion, the gang river cannot be totally cleaned without the prior efforts of society. Govt or Prime minister Narendra Modi alone cannot make it successful. So everyone who is living near the Gang river must protect and take care of her water.

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