Mobile Number will be now 13 digits long, But DOT have twist in that..

DOT changes digit
Mukesh Jindal
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To improve and enhance the more connectivity and security Department of communication notify all the telecom service provider to issue13 digit number instead of digit only for  M2M SIMs services from 1st July 2018.This decision is not for the mobile phone user. This change is only for the machine to the machine communication service provider.
13 digit for M2M communication

What is M2M?

M2m refers to direct communication between devices using any telecommunication channel, it can wire and wireless.M2m communication system can include industrial instrumentation, enabling a sensor or meter to communicate the data it records and send to the application that can use it.
M2M services


  • Increase the connectivity with more services.
  • To secure the system
  • To provide more M2M services to the Nation

Significance and Importance

  • M2M services are very useful for easy access to everything.
  • No errors are there, the whole system is transparent.
  • Machine to machine communication has a lot of business benefits like Warehouse management, remote control, robotics, supply chain, traffic control.
  • This is the very good deep service provider with a good relationship.

Utility and uses of M2M communication

Utility and uses of m2m communication service are very wide like SIM card use in taxi services for the speed limit, electric meter, money transfer machines, transaction devices, water meters, IoT devices, Smart t.v, Company warehouse, Traffic control, Logistic use etc. In future, lots of application will be connected with SIM which will provide more services at your doorsteps through M2M communication.  These all are the machine to machine devices which is usually operated by SIMs.

digit change for M2M


To increase the digits telecommunication service provider can unable to provide more services in a better way. It will also increase more connectivity with more facilities for the users at their doorsteps.

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