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Mission Bhagiratha: Inspiration
Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

Mission Bhagiratha Matter in English

The Mission Bhagiratha is the topic of the discussion as it is the need of the hour for one to remain updated so in the following article will guide you about the Mission Bhagiratha matter in English for your convenience. Check the article below and read it thoroughly to know about the Mission Bhagiratha matter in English for your ease to understand.

Mission Bhagiratha: Inspiration

providing Safe Drinking Water to All – Mission Bhagiratha is the scheme which is designed and started implementing by the state of Telangana.  The scheme was launched by the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi.  The main objective and scheme implementation program is the idea of the chief minister of Telangana  Mr. kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao. This is the game was launched successfully in the year 2016  by the prime minister of India.

In the very first of the scheme launch,  started the implementation process in selected localities in the state of Telangana where the drinking water facility is very poor and people are suffering to get the drinking water sufficiently.  With time the mission runs successfully and the majority of the locations getting the drinking water facility without facing any difficulties.  In an extension to the mission Bhagiratha,  the ministry of water supplies of Telangana state extended the program to all the localities across the state.

Mission Bhagirathi- providing Safe Drinking Water to All

Under this program, the survey department of the state sorted of the list of legs and small and medium reverse exist in the state of Telangana.  Based on the survey report the state of Telangana ministry of the river in association with the water board of the locality the mission started very successfully in all other locations as well.  The overall funding for the mission Bhagiratha is there by the state of Telangana and the central government is providing a nominal amount of funding to the project.

The objective Mission Bhagiratha

The main objective of the mission Bhagiratha is to provide at least 100 liters of clean drinking water to your person who lives in the rural locality and 150 liters per person who lives in urban localities.  The project estimated around 25,000 habitations and 67 urban habitations. The Telangana state minister Harish Rao is taking care of the entire project strategy,  implementation, and developmental progress.

Mission Bhagirathi- providing Safe Drinking Water to All

 Vision of Bhagiratha Scheme

The vision Bhagiratha Scheme scheme is written as follows in the article. You should read them to know about the reason why such a mission for the assistance of the people.

  • The Bhagiratha Scheme is focused on supplying the safe and the PIPED drinking water supply.
  • The facilities provided for the safe and  sustainable water sources at the benefits:
    • For rural areas 100 LPCD (liters per capita per day)
    • 135 LPCD for Municipalities
    • 150 LPCD for Municipal Corporations
    •  Industrial requirements upto 10% Quantity allocated
  • To provide the household tap connection.
  • The Irrigation sources reserved for Drinking Water which is 10% of them.

Advantages of Mission Bhagiratha

The advantages of the Mission Bhagiratha are listed as follows, you can go through them to understand the excellence of the Mission and why it was the need of time to start the project.

Scope – The Mission Bhagiratha project will function in the  30 districts which will comprise 26 segments.

Total Pipeline Network – the 3 times the circumference of the earth is the total pipeline network which is 1.697 Lakh Kms

  • It is a flagship programme to make the Mission successful.
  • The scheme will work as the state initiative.
  • Right of User (RoU) Act is applicable for the laying of pipelines in Private Land
  • The mission Bhagiratha is a coordinated project between the districts and the state.

Mission Bhagiratha Chairman

Mr. K Chandrashekhar Rao Chief Minister of Telangana has taken the initiative for the scheme as he is also appointed as the Mission Bhagiratha Chairman for more effective and fast work monitoring. Mission Bhagiratha vice-chairman is Vemula Prashanth Reddy, TDWSCL, he will review the work along with the SE’s and DE’s and the agencies to monitor the task.  B Surender Reddy is appointed as the Engineer in Chief, RWS & S, Telangana, Hyderabad.

Mission Bhagiratha Logo

You can also require the Mission Bhagiratha Logo if you are making an assignment or the project on the Mission Bhagiratha, You will be provided the logo on our page. As understand each need of our reader. so check the Mission Bhagiratha Logo below.

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Mission Bhagiratha Project work

Under the Adams of the program, various check dams and reservoirs and also water storage tanks are constructed by the mission Bhagiratha authorities. In addition to the existing proposed activities, the additional pipeline project is also taking place under the program which covers around 500 km in the 1st phase and in the second phase covers 5000 km.  It brings the connectivity of around  75000 km pipeline which gives the water connectivity from lower locations to the upper locations in the state of Telangana.

The Telangana water grid proposal is fetching the water resource available from the state Krishna and the Godavari and also to lift water of 34000 million cubic meters and 21,500 million cubic meters respectively. The initial stages the government only where the complete spending on the establishing of water connection to all the villages and urban localities as well.  After successful completion of establishing and getting the consent. Then the government is going to fix the rate price for the water connection and per liter based charges respectively.  The overall project estimated to complete within 5 years of duration where the overall benefits to need to reach all the rural and urban localities.

The complete program and its aiming goals or reaching by the end of 5 years pan duration set by the state of Telangana.  The complete departments and the ministry level authorities are working towards reaching the goal with very less amount of duration itself.

The state and central government seeking the complete report and the Telangana state program and its implementation of the program impress is the government of India authorities to check the program implementation and developmental strategies which can be applicable to various other states where the water facilities are very less and the connectivity of water is very poor.

Mission Bhagirathi- providing Safe Drinking Water to All

Mission Bhagiratha Official Website

The official website of Mission Bhagiratha is provided below. You can make use of the Mission Bhagiratha official website to get the complete details about the Mission Bhagiratha will be provided to you at the Mission Bhagiratha Official Website. The best part of the Mission Bhagiratha Official website you will able to get the details at the earliest.

Contact Details

Engineer-in-Chief (RWS&S), SRTGN Bhavan, Errumanzil Colony, Hyderabad-500082.

Mission Bhagiratha Conclusion

The mission Bhagiratha is a huge project which is estimated the cost of 40000 crores with an estimated duration of the completion is around 5 years.  The ministry of water and urban and rural development authorities are working towards the better progress in the developmental growth of establishing water connection in the region.

The enhanced set results are determining the historical approach to develop water facilities in all rural and urban localities.  The program aiming to complete the schedule program within the duration of 5 years and in less than 5 years all the rural localities which are listed around 25000 should need to connect with the water connection and also the other urban locality as well.

The central government also providing a nominal support to the state government of Telangana and also taking the overall inputs and strategies which are following the state of Telangana.  The implementation and fetching the water from lower levels to the hill and upper levels establishing pipeline connections and pumping of the water by using heavy motors for Saturn duration is also one of the major thought process designed by the engineers of Telangana state.  Lifting the water from lower canals to upper canals and store in the water at upper canal facilitating the water to all the localities.

The entire program designing and ideology by the chief minister Mr. Chandrasekhar Rao.  The strategy and development are performing by the minister Harish Rao and other departments.  The ministers of Telangana state by visiting all the rural and urban localities where the water sources are available and the small lakes are damaged and repaired to clean up and bring the originality of the lakes. This big project handled by the state government is set an iconic project for entire India and also bringing the complete infrastructure to facilitate connecting all the rural and urban localities.

This entire project as estimated to complete by the end of 2019 and more than 70% of the project completed and maintained very well by the local authorities and also monitoring by the state of Telangana as well.  The entire successful rate of the progress is about 80 to 90%.  It also enhances the program to construct pipelines and also constructing water tanks and check dams as well.

This entire program as named mission Bhagiratha the overall team is also working hard to achieve that goal by themselves.  The incremental progress of the scheme is also very beneficiary to the local population and also reduces the water complications.  Based on the necessity the water facilitating will bring up the proper proportionate need and facility.

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