Ministry of Agriculture include 6 New Feature in e-Nam Portal

Ministry of agriculture include six new feature in e-Nam portal
Mukesh Jindal
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Ministry of agriculture included six new features in (e-NAM)-Uttam Fasal Uttam Inaam,  to make it easier and user-friendly. e-Nam is the electronic national agriculture market to provide facilities to the farmers in Mandi for selling crops in an easy way through a mobile app. As we know that farmers faced lots of problems in the mandi related to the entry in the mandi, no. of a lot in the market, looking for prices, payment of crops etc. To solve this kind of problems and make the process very convenient.  Ministry of agriculture currently added 479 mandis of 14 states and  1 in UT under e-Nam. The mobile app launched in multiple languages so that all farmers can use it easily in their own languages. This is a transparent way of the cashless transaction for farmers and traders in the mandi.

Ministry of agriculture include six new feature


  • Provide facilities to the farmers
  • Reduce mandi problems facing by farmers and traders.
  • To make the whole process user-friendly and hassle-free.
  • Make all India Mandi online for a better trade.

Significance and Importance

  • It is an easy way to get the online transfer of money through NEFT and farmers get their money in their accounts within the specific time period of time.
  • e-Nam also provides a facility of the entry gate, manage the lots in the queue, bidding for the best price and other information related to payment transfers.
    It is a Liberal way to get a license for farmers, traders and commission agents without physical presence through an e-Nam portal.
  • There is only need for One license which is valid for trade throughout India for farmers and traders.
  • Balance the quality of a product for pricing and also a provision of quality check to access the crop quality.
  • One single place made for depositing fees.
  • There is also a provision of soil testing in the mandi to access the problem and utility of soil.

Newly added Six feature

  • It will help farmers to get advance entry gate pass for future entry. To make smooth entry inside the mandi rather than standing long hours in a queue.
  • Mode of payment become easier payment through NEFT/RTGS to the farmers.
  • Facility of RTGS/NEFT payment transfer SMS alert also started through e-Nam to make farmers up to date.
  • Traders can see their certificate registration through the e-Nam portal.
  • MIS database system will make the sharp eye on the performance from the arrival of the farmer in the mandi.
  • Through the app, farmers can use came to know about the bidding time of the lot being traded.e-Nam


The e-Nam scheme will closer the all mandi of India under one roof. Farmers and traders will get more facilities to sell their crop. e-Nam makes all mandi digitalize through online portals and application through smartphones.

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