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Migrant Insurance Scheme in Kerala

Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

Kerala State Government has announced a new insurance plan for the migrant workers of Kerala. This scheme covers more than 25 lakh migrant workers in West Bengal, Bihar and North-East states of the country. Under this scheme, the government will register all migrant workers for the insurance scheme and provide them protection. In the 2013 survey, more than 2.5 million workers from different parts of the country are working in the state of Kerala. Today this number is high and it is increasing day by day. Nearly 10% of all migrant workers have criminal records in their homes and they are repeating them here.

This scheme helps in registering all migrant laborers and helps in identifying records of registered workers easily. This scheme also works as a proper registration program for migrant laborers for the Government of Kerala. The main purpose of this scheme is to include migrant laborers in the insurance scheme. That’s why the government will have complete knowledge about the workers. The Kerala government is planning to provide basic facilities to migrant workers as they are part of the Kerala society. In infrastructure, the government provides special medical camps and basic sanitation facilities in labor camps.


Highlights of the scheme

  • The scheme was released under the name of Migrant Insurance Scheme in Kerala.
  • Provides insurance plans for migrant workers working within Kerala.
  • Launched to keep track of the number of migrant employees working within the state of Kerala.
  • The targeted group of employees would be between the age of 18 and 60 years.

Benefits of the insurance plan for migrant laborers

  • Under this scheme, the government registers all migrant workers for insurance and provides insurance cards to them.
  • The advantage of proper registration to more than 25 lakh migrant workers in the data base.
  • This insurance provides protection to over 2.5 million workers in Kerala.

Features of the insurance plan for migrant laborers

  • Kerala State Government has announced a new insurance plan for migrant workers in Kerala.
  • In this scheme, more than 25 lakh migrant laborers have been included in West Bengal, Bihar and North-Eastern states of Kerala.
  • Earlier, proper registration of all the laborers was not proper registration program in the state.
  • The main objective of this scheme is to include migrant laborers in Kerala under this scheme. This will help the government employees in detail about the workers.

Eligibility for the insurance scheme for migrant laborers

The applicant should be a migrant worker of Kerala.

Document required for the migrant laborer insurance scheme

  • Identity card such as Aadhaar card
  • Migrant certificate

Complaint redressal

There will be complaints redressal cells at two levels. Complaints with regards to the scheme could be sent directly to the labor officer and appeals on the scheme to the Labour Commissioner.

The Labour department has the responsibility of taking up enrollment of beneficiaries and distribution of the identity cards. At district levels, the District Labour Officer (enforcement) will be in charge of the implementation of the scheme.

Conclusion of the scheme

Whilst the scheme was launched to provide migrant employees working in the state of Kerala, it is more towards working to gather proper data and information on the migrant workers by providing them with health care. Allotting them with registration and an identity card.

Reference and Details

For more information about the Overseas Workers Insurance Scheme


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