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Marriage Certificate Manipur

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Marriage is the Traditional event which unites the two people and the families together and the witness of the event is the proof of the marriage but now the government has made it official to register the marriage event as it doesn’t matter the type of marriage you have done either the According to the Hindu or the special or the court marriage it is compulsory for each type of marriage in the Manipur state to be registered to the Concerned Marriage Registrar.

In the article below you will be described the procedure to register the marriage in the state Manipur along with the fee which is required to be paid for the Marriage Registration.

Marriage Registrations Manipur

The Registration and the stamp department of the Manipur state are responsible for the Issuance of the Marriage Certificate to a married couple of the state. Marriage can be registered either by approaching the nearest registration department or you can also apply it online at the official portal of the Manipur Government.

Eligibility Manipur Marriage Certificate

The following detailed are the points of the Eligibility which are required to be fulfilled if you want to get the Marriage certificate of the state to be issued to you.

  • The applicant should be the resident of the Manipur state.
  • The applicant has been living in that concerned jurisdiction for more than 6 months where the married is required to be registered.
  • The Age of the male applicant should be above or 21 years.
  • The Age of the female candidate should be above 18 years.

Need for Marriage Certificate 

The following described points reveals the need for the marriage certificate.

  1. To get the marriage proof and register it legally.
  2. To apply for various documents by using the marriage certificate.
  3. To get the claim for the insurances or the social security benefits after the death of the spouse.

Documents Required Marriage Certificate

Check the documents which you have to affix along with the application form of the Marriage Certificate as you have to give the copy of the documents if you are applying offline or you can also upload the scanned copy of the documents.

  1. Application form filled along with the sign of the couple and the witness.
  2. An affidavit describing the couple.
  3. Invitation card to the wedding.
  4. Residence proof of both the applicants.
  5. Identity proof or the Aadhaar card of both the applicants.

Application Procedure

The applicant can apply online as well as offline for the Marriage Certificate Manipur. As you can check the steps or the information about the methods for the marriage registration as below in the article.

Online Method

If you want to opt for the online method of the marriage registration then you have to visit the official site of the Manipur government or you can also access the link below to get the official portal.

Click Here

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  • You can log to the site by using the link in Click Here.
  • As for the registered user can directly access the portal.
  • For new citizen approaching the portal require to register first then only they can access the services at the portal.
  • You can easily register by giving your details at the official portal Manipur.
  • Then you have to click on the state services option available.
  • You have to select the application form for Marriage Registration.
  • You have to select the Marriage Type such as Hindu marriage application form.
  • You would be able to download the application form.
  • You can give the details in the application form for the Marriage Registration.
  • You have to make the payment mentioned below in the article and then you can submit the form after the affixing of the documents.
  • As the sign of the Witness and the couple is required to be done as mentioned above in front of the sub-registrar
  • You will get the receipt for the application submitted by you.

Offline Method

The offline Method to get the Marriage registration done in the Manipur state is detailed as follows. Have a look at the steps given below.

Step 1: You have to Approach the Registration Department(Registration and Stamps Department or the Marriage Registrar)

Step 2:  You can get the application form from the Registration Department.

Step 3:  You have to give the Details about marriage in an application form.

Step 4:  You have to give the Fee for Marriage Registration.

Step 5:  You can then Submit the application in the office of the sub-registrar by signing the application in front of the sub-registrar by the couple and Witness as mentioned above.

Step 6: You will get the receipt for the application submitted by you, you can make use of it to check the status or download the Marriage Certificate.


The application fee which is charged for the Registration of the Marriage in the Manipur state is Rs. 30 which is to be paid along the application form for registration of the marriage.

Processing Time

The application submitted by the applicant will be verified by the concerned department and the approval from the department then only you would able to get the marriage certificate issued. So the processing time for the Marriage certificate issuance is 10-15 days.

Check Application Status

You can check your application Status by making use of the link given below to access to the official site.

Click Here

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You have to enter the Application number in the receipt you received after the submission of the application for the Marriage Registration.

Verify / Print  Marriage Certificate Download

You can verify and get the Print of your application by making use of the link, you can download the Marriage Certificate, link given below to access to the official site.

Click Here

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You have to enter the Application number in the receipt you received after the submission of the application for the Marriage Registration.

Contact Info

Secretary (Revenue) Revenue Department,

The government of Manipur,

Old Secretariat, Imphal, Manipur.

Telephone- 0385-2450981

The Office of Sub- Registrar (HQ),

Imphal, Near DC Office Imphal West,

Lamphelpat. 795004

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