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Marriage Certificate Jammu and Kashmir, Application Procedure, Form

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Marriage Certificate Jammu and Kashmir

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The People of the Jammu and Kashmir has to apply for the Marriage Certificate in case the candidate married then the proof of the Marriage has to be produced by the people to prove their Marriage. The Certificate is issued to the candidates after the Legal verification by the concerned department.

In the article below you will be described the Marriage Certificate Procedure and the application form and more details below in the article.

Benefits of Marriage Certificate

The Benefits of the Marriage Certificate are mentioned below in the article as the candidates having the Marriage Certificate can make use of information and they can avail the benefits.

  • The Marriage Certificate is the legal proof for the candidates for the prove their marriage.
  • The Marriage Certificate or Registration help in implementation in Ban on the Child Marriages.
  • It helps for the Custody of the child after the Divorce.
  • To Implement the Ban on the Bigamy or the Polygamy.
  • To get the Property Inheritance in case death of the Spouse.

Registration of Marriage J&K

As the candidates of the Jammu and Kashmir Registration of Marriage is to be done within due time as decided by the government. The Marriage occurred in the state has to be registered to the concerned department or the Marriage Registrar nearby you. You would get the information about the Registration Procedure in the Article below. The Candidates who are married according to the Religious Ritual has also to get the Marriage Registered.

Marriage Certificate Eligibility Criteria

The Eligibility Criteria for the candidates who are interested to register their marriage as the points for the Marriage Registration Eligibility Criteria has been given below.

  • The age of the Candidates should be as per the government regulations as it is 18 years for Girls and 21 for Boys.
  • The applicant should be living in the place for more than 6 months where the candidate wants to get the Marriage Registered.

Documents Required Marriage Registration

The Documents which are to be presented to the concerned department in case you want to apply for the Marriage Certificate as mentioned in the points given below:

  • Birth Certificate or the Marksheet of the Class 10th of both the applicant.
  • Proof of the Wedding or the Marriage card of Invitation.
  • The Nativity proof or the State Subject Certificate of the applicant is to be given.
  • Death certificate of the spouse.
  • Divorce certificate of the spouse.
  • Form A or the Police Verification.
  • Photos of both the applicant and the couple photographs.

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Hindu Marriage Registration J&K

The Hindu Marriage Can be registered in the state by visiting the office of the Marriage Registrar. As you can also contact the Tehsildars of the concerned  Tehsils or Niabats or the Naib- tehsildars.

The Candidate has to give the application in the Registrar marriage office. Marriage will be registered as per the information in the application form.

Processing Time

The application submitted by the candidate has to be verified by the concerned department and the candidate will be issued the Marriage certificate after the Approval by the Marriage Registrar.

Fees for Marriage Registration

The application fee which is required to be given in the Marriage Registrar office to get the Marriage certificate issued to you.

  • You have to give Rs. 100/- as the Registration of the Marriage in the state.
  • You have to give Rs. 25/- in case you want to get the certified copy of the Hindu Marriage.

Application Procedure Marriage Registration

The Application Procedure for the Marriage Registration has been mentioned below in the article. As the applicant can check the information below to get the Marriage Registered.

You can apply for the certificate of Marriage by visiting the concerned department as mentioned in the article above. The candidate can get the application form from there and he/she can submit the information in it and give it to the concerned department to get the Certificate Issued.

Application Form Marriage Registration

The application form for the Marriage Registration has been given below in the article. The application form is given in the form of the pdf file. The interested applicant can check the application form in the article below.

Marriage Registration Application Status J&K

You can check the application status of the Marriage Registration in the Jammu and Kashmir. You can get the status by entering the Registration Id and date and you will get the registration details. You can get the certificate after the approval of the Application.

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