Marriage Certificate Delhi Procedure, Form and Affidavit

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Marriage Certificate Delhi

The certificate of Marriage in the UT Delhi is the official document which acts as the evidence of the marriage of candidates and the Candidates can make use of the evidence in case they want to prove their marriage to avail the various benefits associated with the marriage certificate.

In the article below you will be detailed about the Marriage Certificate of Delhi and the application Procedure for the Marriage Registration in Delhi.

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Eligibility Condition for Marriage Certificate

The Eligibility condition for the Marriage Certificate for the Married couples of the Delhi UT. You have to fulfill the points as then only you would be issued the Marriage Certificate by the concerned department.

  • The applicant should be having the domicile certificate of the Delhi UT.
  • The Candidates should be living in a Particular area where the Candidate wants to register the Marriage.
  • The Age of the Bride and Groom should be 18 and 21 years or more.

Documents Required

The Documents which are required by the applicants for the approval of the Marriage Certificate of the Delhi UT.

  • You have to give the Proof of Identity, Residence, Birth Certificate, and the Affidavit, Application form.
  • The identity proof and the Residence Proof of the Witness is also required.

Procedure for Applying for Marriage Certificate

You can apply for the Marriage Certificate of the Delhi UT. As you can follow the procedure if you are interested to apply for the Marriage Certificate.

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You can get the application form by clicking on the Marriage Registration and Certificate option available on the page of the official portal.

  • You can fill the application form and submit it to the nearby Registrar of Marriage office.
  • You will get the Marriage Certificate issued after the verification by the Registrar.

Note – You have to take the appointment for the Registrar then only you can approach the department to Register your marriage.

Application Fee for Marriage Certificate Delhi

The application fee which is charged from the candidates is given as in the following points:

  • You have to pay Rs. 100/-  in case of Registration of Hindu Marriage Registration.
  • You have to pay Rs. 150/- in case of Registration of Special Marriage Registration.

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Marriage Certificate Delhi Application form

The application form for the Marriage Certificate Delhi is given below according to the Hindu Marriage Act or the Special Marriage Act and the Affidavit which is required to be submitted for the Marriage Registration has been given below as in the form of Pdf form.

Application form for Hindu Delhi Marriage Certificate

Application form for Special Marriage Delhi 

Affidavit for Marriage Registration

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