Marriage Certificate Chandigarh, Procedure Online, Form and Status

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Marriage Certificate Chandigarh

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It is the official record of the Marriage in the Chandigarh. As the Marriage Certificate is the Official proof of the Marriage for the applicants who applied it. As according to the Hindu Marriage Registration 1955 and the Special Marriage Certificate Registration.

In the article below you will be explained to the applicant as you can make use of the information on Marriage Registration Chandigarh and the Procedure.

Chandigarh Marriage Registration Rules

As the candidates have to register the marriage in the UT as per the Hindu Marriage Act or the Special Marriage Act depending on the type of the marriage you have done. As the procedure for the Marriage Registration mentioned below.

Hindu Marriage Act, 1955

The information for the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 as the Marriage done according to the Rituals is also to be registered in the UT, Chandigarh. The Eligibility for the Hindu Marriage Act is that the candidate registering their marriage should be the resident of the UT and the age of the Boy, 21 years and the Girl, 18 years or above.

Special Marriage Act, 1954

As the candidate opting for the Intended marriage or the Marriage of the NRI candidates. As the rules for the Marriage Registration in case of the Intended marriages is Special Marriage Act, 1954 as the candidates should be above of the age Limit set by the government.

Benefits of Marriage Certificate

The Following given are the Benefits which a candidate can get if the candidate applies for the Marriage Certificate in Chandigarh.

  • To achieve the proof of marriage legally.
  • To abolish child Marriages in India.
  • To preserve the rights of women and Property Inheritance.
  • To claim the benefit of insurances and bank deposits by the Spouse.

Documents Required

Documents which are to be presented in the Marriage Registrar office by the aspirants are mentioned in the points given below:

  • Affidavit by the couple (Joint Affidavit)
  • Couple Photograph
  • Proof of Residence or the Nativity Certificate.
  • Proof of Identity or the Aadhaar card or any other photo id proof.
  • You can give any one of the Proofs of Marriage :
  1. Certificate by the Religious Institute.
  2. Nikah Nama
  • Divorce Certificate in case of Divorce.
  • Death Certificate in case of Death of the Spouse.

CHD Marriage Certificate Validity

The Marriage Certificate  Chandigarh UT is valid for Lifetime for the candidate availing it.

Concerned Department & Authority

The Concerned department or Authority who is responsible for the Issuance of the Marriage Certificate in the Chandigarh UT.

  •   Tehsildar-cum-Registrar of Marriages,  Block  officer or the office of district magistrate

Applicable Fee

The application fee which is applicable for the Marriage Registration Chandigarh is mentioned in the table given below:

S.No Marriage Registration Charges
1. Marriage registration within 1 Month Rs.5/-
2. Marriage registration after 1 Month Rs.10/-
3. Marriage Certification Charges Rs.2/-

Marriage Registration Offline Method

You can apply for the Marriage Registration offline by making use of the application form given below. You can also visit the concerned department of Tehsildar or the Marriage Registrar to get the application form.

You can submit the information in the application form and then you can get the marriage certificate issued after the process of approval by the concerned department.

Marriage Registration Online Method

You can also register your marriage Online as if you are the resident of the Chandigarh region then you can access the official site or the link given below to get the marriage registration done online. Check the information for the Marriage Registration as follows:

Click Here

Reference Image:

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  • You have to access the official portal of e-District Portal.
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  • You have to then register if you are a new user of the e-District Portal Chd. As you have to give the information for the Registration at the portal as shown in the image.
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  • Then you can access the portal by log in your id and password issued to you.
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  • You have to then visit the citizen dashboard to apply the Marriage Certificate of the Chandigarh UT.
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  • As the applicant has to then give the Bride’s details, Groom’s details, Marriage details, Witness details and then Submit Application online.
  • Then you have to upload the documents online.
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  • Then click on the save option.
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  • You will get the application number which is generated after the registration of the application submitted by you.
  • You can make use of the application number to get the status of the application.

Application Form Marriage Certificate

The Application Form for Marriage Certificate Chandigarh has been given below in the article as the Marriage Certificate Application form is in the form of pdf. The Application form is for the Hindu Marriage Certificate and the Special Marriage Certificate.

Hindu Marriage Certificate Application form

Special Marriage Certificate Chandigarh Application form

Verify Marriage Registration Application

You can make use of the link given below if you are interested to get the verification status of the Marriage Registration application.

Click Here

Reference Image:

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You have to enter the Registration Number or the application number issued to you and the date of Marriage and the Captcha code given on the page.

Track/Check Status of Application

You can track/ Check the application status either by accessing the link is given below or by the SMS service.

Click here 

Reference Image:

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You have to provide the application number of the application registered to get the application status.

Download Marriage Certificate

You can get the Certificate Marriage after the Approval of the certificate by the concerned department.

Click Here

Reference Image:

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You can download the Certificate by accessing the link given above. You have to give the necessary details.

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