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Marriage Certificate Andhra Pradesh, Online Registration, Form A

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Marriage Certificate Andhra Pradesh

Marriage Certificate Andhra Pradesh | SarkariNiti

The Marriage Certificate of the Andhra Pradesh is one of the most important documents which an individual residing in India should be availing it. As the Marriage is required to be registered within 60 days of the event as after the due period if the registration is done then you have to pay the Fine along with the application form.

In the article below you will be explained to you about the Marriage Certificate Andhra Pradesh. You can make use of the information if you have to apply for the Marriage registration in the state.

Registering Marriage Andhra Pradesh

The candidate who is recently married has to register the Marriage in the state according to the Marriage act passed in the year 2008 by the Parliament to protect the women rights.

  • As you can approach the Sub-registrar Office at the Venue of the Marriage.
  • You can also approach the e Sub-registrar Office in the area where a wife or the Husband Resides 6 month prior to the marriage of the candidate.

Documents Required for Marriage Registration

The Documents which are required for the Marriage Registration are mentioned as follows, you have to affix the documents mentioned below along with the application form.

  1. Address proof of both bride and bridegroom.
  2. Identity Proof of bride and bridegroom.
  3. You also have to give the Age proof of bride and bridegroom.
  4. Photographs both the bride as well as of bridegroom.
  5. A wedding invitation card of the Marriage.
  6. A copy of the SSC certificate of wife and husband in case you don’t have the Birth Certificate.
  7. An application form A has to be filled and given to the concerned department.

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Information Required to Be filled in Marriage Certificate

The information given is required to be filled in the application form of the Marriage Certificate of the Andhra Pradesh State. As you have to mention the information listed below in the article in the following points.

    1. Name details of a couple
    2. Religion and Caste of a couple
    3. Age of both the Bride and Groom
    4. Address Details of Both Husband and Wife
    5. Date of Birth of the candidate marrying.
    6. Taulk and District Name.
    7. Date of marriage of the couple
    8. Name of father of both the Bride and Groom.
    9. Name of mother of Bride and Groom
    10. Name of witnesses along with their sign
    11. Address of witness present at the marriage registration

Online Marriage Registration Certificate

You can apply for the Marriage Registration of the Andhra Pradesh state. As the government has launched the online facility for the resident of the state to make use of the online portal to apply for the Marriage Registration.

You can make the access to the link given below by clicking on the link, You can also visit the official site of the Registration and Stamps Department to get the application form for the Marriage Certificate.

Reference Image:

| SarkariNiti
  • You can get the application form for the Marriage Registration as soon you click on the Act and Rules.
  • Then click on the Hindu Marriage Act.
  • Then you have to click on the Forms option to get the application form.
  • You can make use of the link to download the application form or you can also take the Print of the application form.
  • You have to then mention the details of the bride and bridegroom.
  • You have to attach along the documents mentioned above in the article.
  • You have to also affix the photograph of the couple on the application form.
  • Then you have to sign the Application form and the Declaration form along with the witnesses.
  • Then you can submit the application form to the concerned department.

Note- You can also apply for the Marriage Certificate Andhra Pradesh By visiting the Meeseva Center nearby or by visiting the link

Processing Time

It would take 15- 20 days for the issuing of the marriage certificate after the registration for the Marriage as per the Hindu Marriage Act. As the verification for the Documents and the information presented by you will be done by the concerned department.

Application Fee For Marriage Certificate AP

As per the Marriage Registration Act, you have to give the application fee for the Registration of the Marriage in the state, Andhra Pradesh. The application fee charged for the Marriage Registration is Rs. 200/-. In case of late Registration, you have also to pay the late fee along with the application form.

Application form Marriage Registration/ Form A

The application form Marriage Registration is the Form A which is used for the Registration to obtain the Marriage Certificate of the state. The application form is given is in the form of a Pdf file. You can make use of the application form to get the details to be filled as the information to be filled is also described above in the article.

Registration of a Marriage Offline

In case you are interested to apply for the Marriage Certificate you have to fill the application as given above you can also get the application form from the concerned Registrar office. You have to fill the application form and along with the documents mentioned above to the concerned department.

Registration Special / Christain Marriage AP

The Procedure for the Special Marriage and the Christain Marriage is similar you can obtain the Form by visiting the official site to get the application form or the concerned Marriage Registrar Office.

Delayed  Marriage Registration Process

Marriage is required to be registered within 60 days in case of the Delayed Marriage Registration then you have to check the points given below to know about them.

  • If the Death is registered after a month but within 5 years then you require permission from the Sub-Registrar.
  • If the Death is registered after 5 Years you require permission from District Registrar.

Marriage Certificate Verification

As mentioned earlier the Marriage Certificate will be only be issued after the verification for the application form and the documents attached along.

Your application submitted will be displayed on the Noticeboard in the Sub-Registrar’s office. If no objection is received in the Time period of 1 month then the couple would be issued the Marriage certificate after Verification of the Details.

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