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Marketing Development Assistance Scheme – Eligibility, Application Process and Documents Needed

Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

Export promotion is constantly a major focus area for the Government and all other agencies as well. The Marketing Development Assistance scheme is under the Department of Commerce and the exports of the products to diverse the Country export under the Macroeconomic situation.

 Activities Supporting the scheme

The activities which will support the scheme is to promote the export activities abroad. Organizations and Trade bodies for innovative activities to connect the export promotion for the members.

Export is a widespread business which also takes into consideration social links with other countries. A good and well-managed export system is a social reputation of the country. Recently, the Prime Minister visited many countries initiating good social connections which will be definitely very beneficial. Therefore export promotion becomes mandatory and needs to be given major attention. Export promotion activities for the growth of the economy need a good and well-planned structure which is given by this scheme. The implementation is a universal approach and will need major funds but the output will be equally rewarding.

Funding for the Scheme

The funds will be offered from the MSME Entrepreneurs overseas for the fairs and trade delegation. The scheme will help for the publicity of the material which is 25% of the cost and sector-specific studies up to 2 lakhs and the anti-dumping cases for the MSMEs &Associations.

The scheme offers to fund for

  1. Under the MSME India various International Trade Fairs/ Exhibition Participation.
  2. The market studies by the Industry Associations/ Export
    Promotion Councils.
  3. Initiating/ contesting anti-dumping cases by SSI Associations
  4. Reimbursement of 75% of the one-time registration fee and 75% of annual fees (recurring) paid to GSI (Formerly EAN India) by Small & Micro units for the first three years for the barcode.

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  • To Encourage the efforts of the  Small & Micro exporters to develop the market overseas.
  • To increase the involvement of the representatives of the small/ micro
    manufacturing enterprises.
  • To improve the export from the small/ micro manufacturing enterprises.
  • To adopt the use of the barcoding on large scale.
  • To allow the  Small & Micro Enterprises to participate in the International Trade Fairs/ Exhibitions.


The unit should have a valid registration which should be permanent with the  Directorate of Industries/District Industries Centre.

  • The MSME- DI would select the micromanufacturing units as the profile of the product and the theme of the fair.
  • The facility can be availed once in a year by the Micro & Small manufacturing enterprise.
  • A subsidy will be provided on one unit only.

The representatives have to bring along the samples of the display for the fair or the exhibitions in order to participate in the fair.

Trade or Approved organization

The organization which is associated with or engaged in the task of development or promotion of the exports is approved from the E&MDA Division.

Two Types of these organization(s)/trade bodies are:

  1. Organizations who can sponsor MDA proposals of its member exporters: MDA grant on yearly basis will be not be given to these organizations for their export promotion activities.
  2. Other approved trade bodies: The organization will not sponsor the proposal to get the assistance from the MDA.

The organizations or the institute associated has to register and get approved from the department of commerce (E&MDA Division)  under the proforma(Annexure-IV).

Documents Required

The documents required for the project and to bring along to the DC (MSME) a month before the event.

  1.  SSI registration
  2. Demand draft
  3. Proof of ownership
  4. Details of 2 participating representatives.

Activities to be funded under a marketing project :

  • The opening of showrooms
  • The opening of warehouses
  • Display in international Dept. stores
  • Publicity campaign and Brand promotion
  • Participation in trade fair etc. abroad
  • Research & Product development
  • Reverse visits of the prominent buyers from project focus countries; Export potential survey of the states
  • Registration charges for product registration abroad for pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and agrochemicals
  • Testing charges for engineering products abroad
  • Support cottage and handicrafts units
  • Support recognized associations in industrial clusters for marketing abroad

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Eligible Agencies

  • Financial Assistance to:
  • Dept. of Central Government & Organisations of Central/State Governments
  • EPCs
  • Registered Trade Promotion Organizations
  • Commodity Boards
  • Apex Trade bodies recognized under the EXIM Policy
  • Recognized Industrial clusters
  • Individual exporters (only for testing and registration)


Market Development Assistance Scheme is a major project with huge funds and major implementations. All it needs is a good implementation of the plan which is surely possible in the coming years. With proper time and implementation, this scheme will surely improve export connections of our country.

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