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Mann Ki Baat by PM Modi

Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

Mann ki Baat “literally means Hearts Voice” is a concept evolved by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi to reach the mass of isolated and remote areas of our nation through the radio. In this program, he talks every month on some general topics related to the public. This program was officially started on and from Oct 3rd, 2014 do deliver PM’s voice to general people of India. For this program radio was chosen as a medium to reach the people, as TV connections are still not available everywhere in India.


The idea behind Mann ki Baat is that PM wants to have a direct talk with the country man on various issues. This program is telecast in 24 Indian languages. This makes PM reach to the public easily. The episode wise details of the program are as follow:-

3rd Oct 2014:  In the first episode Modi ji urged the listener to purchase khadi clothes. To prIndianrural cloth industry workers and this helps them to generate their living. So that they can also become an essential part of India’s prosperity. He also discussed n “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan”. Mars mission and was an integral part of the program on that day.

2nd Nov 2014: – Modi ji discussed several government initiatives laid down by their government including a scholarship to disable children. He also stated benefits of Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan along with his visit to Siachen during Diwali.

14th Dec 2014: – Modi ji discussed rug abuse and appealed the youth to say no to drugs. He said a toll-free number has been set up to help drug addicted and their family. He urged to the youth of India to stop abusing drugs as this money can be used for terror funding.

27th Jan 2015: – This was an important episode as US President Barack Obama co-hosted this show along with our PM. Obama discussed the effect of some of his polices he implemented in the US and gave answers to questions asked by Indian Citizen along with PM Modi.

22nd Feb 2015: – This episode was especially for children about “how to avoid their exam stress and unnecessary burdens”.

22nd Mar 2015: – H e discussed issues related to our son of our soil that is farmers. He clarifies many manipulated laws and clears the misunderstanding related to recent land law act.

26th Apr 2015:- He talks about the new strategy he has made to combat poverty in our country. He also promised to solve the issue of One Rank One Pension (OROP).

20th Sep 2015:- In the above sessions, general discussion and question answer sessions have been broadcasted.

25th Oct 2015: – He talked about no interview in Non Gazette Government Job for group B, C and D post and also about gold monetization.

31st Jul 2016: – He discussed about future and future technologies. He said future will be fully technology driven. So he tells the youth to be more innovative and they can help in building a strong Nation.

28th Aug 2016: – He congratulated the girls who secured medals in Rio Olympic for India and encourage for pursuing career in Sports.

25th Sep 2016: – He talked about Uri attacked and also about the surgical strike India has made against the terrorist.

30th Oct 2016: – General addressing to our Nation.

27th Nov 2016: – In this episode he talked about why he implemented demonetization and also discussed about the benefit of this step in future. He also felt sorry to for the temporary inconvenience caused due to this step. He talked about less cash society and also the achievement resulted after demonetization.

29th Jan 2017:- General Discussion and address to our Nation.

26th Feb 2017:- He addressed to the people about the ISRO’s recent achievement. He said “World started noticing India’s’ achievements”. He thanked and congratulated ISRO scientist for their marvelous cost effecting space program. He laid emphasis on the use of “BHIM “by Indian citizen which is a mobile payment gateway.

26th Mar 2017: General addressing.

Maan ki Baat by Modiji  by far has gain lots of popularity and people wait  for modiji’s discussion and questions/ answers.

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