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Mahila E-HAAT – PDF, Contact Details, Products

Mahila E-haat
Mukesh Jindal
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Mahila E-HAAT – In his opening comments, Secretary WCD, ” Shri V. Somasundaran explained the Mahila E-Haat helps fit with the target of the fiscal addition of ladies plus it’s a significant step forward to get empowerment of females. The Minister explained the particular empowerment of girls will occur in three different stages in. At the next point, it’s intended to incorporate it to give a system for advertising and selling. Fundamentally it’ll invisibly into the business owners of Women Council that helps offer it an institutional form and enlarge this initiative. Even the e-Haat is predicted to effect a result of design shift allowing girls to exercising control.

E-Haat’s business might be managed through telephone number. The item, together with side photo description, no and cost. Address of those participants will probably be shown over the e-Haat enabling contact in between buyers and providers. Mahila E-Haat can be an initiative for fulfilling ambitions for showcasing products and want of women business owners that can leverage tech. They are able to also exhibit the services supplied by these that represent innovative capacity e.g. tailoring. This exceptional e-platform will fortify the Profession empowerment of females since it’ll encircle and supply far better paths with them.

Significantly more than 10000 Self Help Groups (SHGs) and 1.25 Lakh girls inheritance are profited out of your afternoon of the launching of this site. Participation in e-Haat is ready to accept most Indian ladies taxpayers over 18 decades old and ladies SHGs needing for advertising their own lawful products/services later indemnifying RMK from most actions of trade. Smt Maneka Sanjay Gandhi clarified the project will probably help ladies to earn economic and financial decisions that’ll help them function as a portion of ‘Earn India’ and ‘stand-up India’ efforts of their Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Discussing the situation, Smt Maneka Gandhi reported initiative may end up being quite a game-changer as it is going to offer usage of niches for tens of thousands of females who create services and products and therefore are dispersed all across the united states but possess very little accessibility to niches. The initiative is exceptional as that really is the first time which us government may help ladies to offer products online, the Minister extra. Congratulating RahstriyaMahilaKosh and most of those included with generating the portal site, Smt Maneka Gandhi reported it really is web-page predicated and it has a boundless advantage and certainly will, hence be a catalyst in developing a fresh production of businesswomen. Mahila e-Haat can be an exceptional online platform at which players may show their services and products. It’s an initiative for girls Around the united states for a Portion of ‘Electronic India’ and ‘Operate India’ campaigns of Prime Minister.

Mahila E-haat


  • Mahila E-haat Can Be an Online Promoting Strategy Found Around the Occasion of Worldwide Ladies’ Day 20-16 from the Union Govt to Ease Females Business Owners to Offer Their Goods.
  • It’s an initiative chiefly for its ladies around the united states using a target to farther the monetary addition of women business owners by giving aid with their own imagination.
  • The characteristics of this initiative are all exceptional since it will be really for a very first time us government is currently helping ladies to offer their goods, such as fabrics, bags, and jewelry by means of this internet portal site.
  • The website is available to most Indian females over the 18 decades old and ladies self-sustaining teams who need to promote their products/services on the web.

Mahila E-HAAT scheme

  • Mahila E-HAAT can be definitely an internet marketing and advertising system to ease females business people to offer their services and products.
  • It’s an initiative chiefly for females around the nation and it is a portion of Union federal government’s flagship ‘electronic India’ and also ‘stand-up India’ initiatives.
  • Goal: To fortify the monetary addition of women business owners by giving continuing support with their own imagination.
  • A joint initiative of Union Women and Child Development Ministry and Rashtriya Mahila Kosh (RMK) for fulfilling the Requirements of girls entrepreneurs.
  • Characteristics: The initiative is exceptional since for its first-time government may help ladies to offer services and products online.
  • Girls will offer their services and products such as fabrics, bags, and jewelry by means of this internet portal site.
  • It’s offered to most Indian ladies citizens over 18 decades old and ladies Self Help Groups (SHGs) needing for advertising their own private products/services.
  • The whole small business about the e-Haat stage is readily managed through the cellular telephone.

Mahila E-haat

How to join us

Mahila E-HAAT Products

Eligibility and conditions for Mahila E-haat

  • Ought to be significantly more than 18 decades old.
  • Items and providers shown and invisibly by way of this portal site ought to be lawful.

Additional conditions and requirements:-

  • Writers/ sellers must screen product/products of high quality and are completely in charge of the caliber of merchandise and RMK won’t be accountable in this respect.
  • Advisors/sellers will cope with just about every flaw and lack associated with product/products and also services and also RMK won’t cause practically any flaw and lack.
  • Advisors/sellers will guarantee timely shipping and delivery of product/products/ products and services on this user.
  • Services and products are likely to soon be exhibited for at a minimum amount of 1 month and can be re-exhibited soon after having a fracture of 1 month.
  • RMK will reserve all legal rights to choose the products/services to become recorded around E-Haat. Right after variety, RMK will advise the members’ vendors up on your members/ sellers need to ship the Acceptance correspondence along with undertaking S O that products/service contacts might be exhibited.
  • Advisors/sellers shall guarantee that prohibited or smuggled merchandise aren’t exhibited or supplied by these some prohibited services have been running with these throughout the portal site. Any violation of this particular account will likely be the only duty of those members/ sellers for example legal actions.
  • Advisors/sellers have to make sure that most legal obligations in accordance with regulations of property are all complied with for several foreign earnings.
  • Advisors/sellers shall make sure that most pertinent taxation are compensated and pertinent laws/rules and policies adopted.
  • The amateurs/sellers are going to get the cost straight to the purchaser.
  • Advisors/sellers are expected to keep up information on trades conducted/concluded throughout the portal site and also ship annual accounts to RMK and additionally exhibit the brand of Mahila E-Haat about packing.
  • Writers/sellers to supply job on postage paper at minimal expenses as important within his or her Condition.

Procedure for Mahila E-haat

  • Girls involved ought to function as in vast majority inside the worthiness chain/number of ladies inheritance.
    Services and products manufactured/services carried out by females entrepreneurs who’re 18 as well as years old.
  • Items and providers shown and invisibly by way of this portal site must maybe not be prohibited & contra-band as outlined in numerous activities like Customs, Wildlife, etc.. The particulars of prohibited services and goods since stated beneath various legislation can be found by clicking on the various connections, either under downloading and disclaimer.
  • Self-certificate of this caliber from the seller is demanded.
  • Entire Particulars of this products/services Together Side Images to Be Given by the seller.
  • Acceptance letter/consent/undertaking to become awarded the seller for the screen of all services/products.
  • A web-based committee may choose the products/services on your display. No enrollment fee has been billed by the seller until 31st December, 20-16 later minimal fee could be billed.

Mahila E-haat

Contact details

  1. Mr. Saravanan R., Director, 011-26567188
  2. Mr. Ankit Kumar, Jr. Consultant, 011-26944884
  3. Mr. Hemant Kumar, PEC and Ms. Renu Bala, 011-26567187

Rashtriya Mahila Kosh, B-12, 4th Floor, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi -110016.

Phone No.: 011-26944884, 26567187, 26567188
Email: [email protected]
WhatsApp: 08826909309

Mahila E-haat PDF

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This e-platform Attempts to Fortify the Profession empowerment of women by Providing and Devoting Improved Paths for them.
It’ll reap significantly more than 10000 Self Help Groups (SHGs) and 1.25 Lakh girls) Even the e-Haat is predicted will additionally deliver paradigm change in the socioeconomic status of females by letting them exercise over their funding.

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