Maharashtra to launch Cheap Sanitary Pad Scheme on Women’s Day

maharashtra cheap sanitary pad scheme
Mukesh Jindal
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Maharashtra Govt. initiated a very good awareness scheme for the girls and women to break the chains of shyness. Maharashtra government going to launch cheap sanitary pad scheme under “Asmita Yojana” on the eve of International Women’s Day on the 8th March to provide subsidized sanitary pads to school girls and women. According to this scheme, Govt. of Maharashtra going to distribute sanitary napkin packet at Rs 5 for school girls studying in district level schools, whereas women of rural areas can get it at a subsidized rate of Rs.24. This is the first time in the history of Indian Govt, where Govt. by himself providing sanitary pads to the schoolgirls and women of their own state. Other states also take less from them.

If we talk about the level of awareness then there is very less awareness about menstrual hygiene during the time of periods especially in the age of 12 to 19 and women those who are living in villages or rural areas. There is only 17% awareness about the sanitary pads. Few of them does not afford sanitary pads due to high cost, maybe shyness to ask from a chemist and also unavailability of pads in the rural or slum areas.


Cheap sanitary pad scheme


  • To provide awareness to women about health.
  • Help women and girls to avail cheap sanitary pads at the very nominal price.
  • Reach remote and rural areas of the state.
  • “Asmita Yojana” is to boost girl and women awareness against sanitary pads.
  • Now no need to shy, Govt. of Maharashtra is with you.
  • The great initiative was taken by the Govt.
  • Sanitary pad price 5 rs for school girls and 24 rs for women.


Eligibility and conditions applying for the scheme

  • 11-19 Years school girls and women of rural area are eligible to get subsidized sanitary pad.

Significance and Importance

  • This Yojana will create awareness in school regarding menstrual hygiene during the time of periods. It leads to better health with better education to their families too.
  • Confidence level in girls will also boost to ask sanitary pads from the chemist.
  • This Yojana will help women to access cheap Sanitary pads at their doorsteps because in many remote and rural areas there is very less awareness.

Maharashtra govt cheap sanitary pad scheme


This scheme will provide awareness to the schoolgirls and also boost their morale. This kind of awareness and the subsidized scheme will help to reduce absenteeism in the schools. This Yojana will provide health with education and boost India for more development. The mindset of people of the rural area will also change.

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