Maharashtra – Mukhyamantri Agricultural Solar Feeder Scheme

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Mukhyamantri Solar Feeder Scheme- 2018

Maharashtra Mukhyamantri Solar Scheme or Mukhyamantri Saur Krishi Vahini Yojna is launched by the State Government of Maharashtra. This Scheme provides the 12 hours electricity power to the farmers. The government provides electricity to the farmers on cheap rates in the next three years by the solar feeder. This Solar system is for the benefits of the farmer across the state and helps them to supply 12 hours electricity per day only for the Agricultural work. The government supplies electricity at cheap rates to the farmers.

The CM of Maharashtra Sh. Devendra Fadnavis has complete the ceremony of Bhumipujan at Ralegan Siddi. The anti-corruption Anna Hazare is also present in this occasion. He said that we have to use this solar power to make our state Pollution free. Under this Scheme, the government supplies the continuous electricity to the farmers in all seasons. The government provides electricity at Rs. 1.20 per unit. The process of tender and installation of solar panels of 500MW must be finished by March 2018. On April 2018, this Scheme will be launched Officially.

Under this Scheme, the government will provide some special features and benefits to the poor farmers. Some features such as Rent, Rate, 1MW Power for 200 farmers, Agro-Pump, and Schemes. After this solar feeder, the farmer will have the relief on the electricity bill. The Solar energy is renewable which does not harm our environment. Due to no Power cut, it is easy for the farmers to do the agricultural works without any disturbance or interruption. The agricultural land of the farmers is leased by the government for the period of 15 years. The benefit of using Solar Power is reducing the Electricity Bill and usage of electricity. By using Solar System the cost of electricity will be Rs. 3 or 3.25 per unit. In the present, the Maharashtra government generates the electricity at Rs 6.50 per unit. The farmers get the benefit of this Solar feeder is to pay Rs. 1.20 only for the electricity.

On the basis of Public Private Partnership, this Solar Power Project will be implemented in Solapur and Latur. The Government informed that the Portable Solar pumps were distributed earlier among the farmers. According to the CM of Maharashtra, the agricultural sector of the state will be totally changed by this project. The central government will receive Rs. 3 crore to generate this Project.

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