Maharashtra Govt. issued notice to 136 sugar mills

Issued notice to sugar mills
Mukesh Jindal
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Maharashtra Govt. issued show cause notice to 136 sugar mills. There is total 184 sugar mill in the state out of these 136 mills are not paying the fair remunerative price to the farmers.Around 2230 crore amount is due from mills side which is mandated to pay to the farmers. Sugarcane farmers already facing the problem of draughts and low prices. Throughout the state most of the sugar mills are owned by the politicians and notice given to them is really a buzz of great change in the FRP.  According to the Sugar officials, Rs12,813 crore needs to the farmers but only Rs 10,775 crore amount paid to the farmers. There is a gap of around 2230 crore which is likely to pay to the farmers against their sugarcane under FRP. As we know that due to climate issue slowly sugarcane production is decreasing day by day and on another side farmers are not getting FRP. Against this farmers are decided to do protest against the companies I the state to pay a proper payment of their farmings. Only 47 mills paid to farmers above FRP, but rest of the companies did not pay full RP to the farmers.

show cause notice

What is FRP?

  • FRP  means the Minimum fair Remunerative price of crop selling by farmer decided by Center Govt.
  • This is supposed to a signal to the farmers that how much need to plant sugarcane every year.

Why increase FRP?

  • Output of sugarcane decreasing day by day
  • Domestic availability is also reducing.
  • More FRP will boost farmers to grow more sugarcane in their farms.
  • Sugarcane industry also going downwards.


  • To pay Fair Remunerative price to the farmers.
  • To support and to flourish sugar business.
  • FRP is the pre-decided which need to pay timely.


  • To safeguard farmers against low prices in the industry.
  • To boost sugarcane production.
  • Motivate the farmers.
  • To overcome the problem due to climate and also exploitation.
  • FRP to the farmers will lead to generating more income more education and more development in the state.

Notice to Sugar mills


More FRP will automatically boost Domestic sugarcane cultivation in India which will lead to generating more sugar. otherwise, it will be difficult for industries and also for consumption. So to increase FRP is very important.

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