Maharashtra Asmita Yojana – Subsidized Sanitary pads for Girls and Women in Rural Areas

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Asmita Scheme 2018

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Asmita Scheme is the scheme for the women in the Rural Areas. ASMITA means pride or dignity. Asmita Scheme will be launched by the Maharashtra Government on 8 March 2018 INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY. Under this Yojna, the subsidized sanitary pads will be distributed to the women of the rural areas in the state. This scheme announced by Women and Child Minister “Pankaja Munde”. The girls studying in the Zilla Parishad School run by State Government distribute the packet of sanitary pads at the cost of Rs. 5 to each girl. For the women in the rural areas, the cost of these 8 sanitary pads is Rs. 24 and Rs. 29 per packet.

ASMITA SCHEME in Maharashtra will be implemented by the Women’s Self Help Group[SHG’s]. These pads are made by women SHG’s by maintaining the proper hygienic and health care. The objective of this scheme is to spread awareness in Rural Areas about HYGENIC. The women in rural areas must know about the Hygenic things during MENSURATION. This scheme will be launched especially to prevent women from these activities which may cause many diseases or infections or pertaining to reproduction. This Scheme will be beneficiaries for the girls under the age 11 to 19 years.

According to the Pankaja Munde, Over 7 lakhs girls from rural areas in Maharashtra get the benefits of this scheme. According to the survey, only 17% women use sanitary pads in the rural areas. During the periods the child under the age of 11 to 19 years remains absent from the school around 50 to 60 days in the year. The government also launched an APP for the distribution of these pads in rural areas. Under the Scheme, the women and girls should be aware of the personal cleanliness. A digital Asmita IDENTITY CARD will be distributed among the girls to take the benefits of sanitary napkins from SHG’s centers. No one can misuse this scheme so that the data will be compiled online. Under this scheme, In the year only 13 packets are allowed for each girl.

The government bears the cost of these sanitary napkins is Rs. 13 crore per annum. The CM of Maharashtra Sh. Devendra Fadnavis was the first donor to sponsored subsidy amount of for 50 girls. The Maharashtra Minister of Women and Child Rural Development is paid the donation for the 151 girls. The Asmita Scheme was announced last year by the Minister Pankaja Munde. According to Pankaja Munde, The Hygenic Campaign for using these pads is launched in the state for spread awareness among the girls.  An agency named UMEED- Maharashtra State Rural Livelihood Mission is appointed by the State Government Maharashtra.

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