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Mahalabharthi Portal Online Registration Scheme

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The State Government of Maharashtra launched a new online portal “Mahalabharti Portal Online Registration” for providing all the information about all the government schemes to the citizens. This Scheme is launched by Hon’ble CM of Maharashtra Sh. Devendra Fadnavis in October 2017. The main aim of the portal is to spread knowledge of central and state schemes. Due to lack of Proper information of the scheme the people of our country do not get the benefits of the various schemes.

The Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited designed and developed the website. This online portal provides all information about the scheme such as benefits, eligibility, contacts to authority, and application form etc. The information required by the portal for the citizens such as their contact number, profession, age, residence and income details.

In the state, there are 229 welfare schemes. Some special features of the portal are Providing all the information to the citizens of the state, Both central and state 229 welfare schemes are available on it, information about the application form, Providing information about the updates of the scheme. All the correct information about each scheme will be provided from Minister office directly into Portal.

The registration can be done through by online or offline. The offline registration can be done by the Help Centres MKCL MS-CIT across the state. If the person has not able to use the computer the agent will assist them to fill the registration form. The payment of Rs. 70 is the maximum charge for the Registration. The application form is available in the Marathi Language. The page can be transferred in the English language also.

The government will try to provide all the benefits of the schemes to the public. This portal started to spread the awareness about the government scheme to the citizens of the state. To get the information about the schemes the citizens of the state can register themselves online on the portal.


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