Bhulekh Maharashtra

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Bhulekh Maharashtra

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The Government of  Maharashtra is continuously working for the welfare of the public with the scheme which will make the life of Maharashtra people easy. As the facilities are arranged for the people to their access so that they can avail them. As most of the population of the Maharashtra state belong to the agricultural fields. Now the job made easy for the farmers if they want to know about their land they can now know it easily by online portal being launched by the government.

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Benefits of Bhulekh

The benefits which the Bhulekh portal provides are as follows. Check the Benefits list below.

  1. The scheme saved the time of the people as n0w they don’t have to visit the Patakar office to get his land detail.
  2. Under the portal of the Kerala Land record scheme, you can get the map for your land.
  3. With the launch of the online portal, you can view the information from your home.
  4. The options are provided to the user at the portal to make use of them by entering either the Measles number or the Jamabandi Number or the owner name means you can search the information about your land by any method.

Services provided at the portal

  • 7/12, 8A,
  • Property sheet online verification
  • Mahabharj Online Land Records
  • Bhu Map Maharashtra

Online portal

The online Bhulekh portal of  Maharashtra provides the complete information about the land and now the farmers or the owner as each and every detail is provided for the ease of the user. The link of the portal is provided below for the assistance of the user and the image is also provided for the online portal for the ease of the user.

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Land  Records Maharashtra Khasra Khatuni Online

To check the Land Record of Maharashtra online. following are the steps. Check each of the steps carefully avoid any type of errors. The link to the official site of the Maharashtra Land record is also provided for the convenience of the user and the images are also given along where ever required to guide the reader about the steps and what sort of information is required. Check the steps as follows.

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  • Click on the link to see the Maharashtra State Account or you can visit the official site as mentioned above Maharashtra Bhulekh.
  • The image of the online portal is also given above under the heading Online portal.
  • Select your district from the page which appears as shown below.
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  • Select the section as you would be provided choice for the following mentioned.
  1. Osmanabad
  2. Aurangabad
  3. Jalna
  4. Nanded
  5. Parbhani
  6. Beed
  7. Latur
  8. Hingoli
  • You will be provided choice as follows depending upon which detail you require about the land.


  • Click on the name of your district on this map.
  • Select your  Taulka
  • Select the Village.
  • You will be provided with the following choice select the desired option from the below mentioned.
  3.   In the name of,  
  4. Select the survey Number. For instances, you have selected the search method by survey number.
  5. The image is also provided as follows.
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If you are interested to find out the information regarding the 8a then it can be possible with the help of the online portal as it is possible at it. The rest of the procedure is same as mentioned above as the link used is also given above the steps are same and the change in the steps is mentioned as below.

  • You will be provided with the following choice select the desired option from the below mentioned. As the image is also shown for your assistance.
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  1.  In the name of,  

Contact info

You can get the information and contact detail. Either you can get it on the official website or you can make use of the link given on the page to get more information.

Contact the district superintendent

Jamabandi Commissioner and Director of Land Records
(State) Pune
2nd Floor, New Administrative Building,
Opposite Capitol Building, Pune – 1
Telephone Number: – 020/26050006
E-mail: – [email protected]

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