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Land Record Assam

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To know about your land record now you don’t have to spend hours waiting outside the government officers to get the detail about the land you own. As with the use of the technology as every state has provided its farmers or the citizen who owns any type of land whether it is for cultivation or for the resident if you have a property registered on your name then you have the right to know and get each and every detail about it. With this aim, the Assa government also started the online facility of providing the opportunity for the people to make use of the online service for knowing the detail about their land.

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Services provided at the portal

eThe services provided at the portal are of great use to the people of the Assam which will benefit them in a number of ways which will be described to you in the article later but first of all, you should know what type of details you can search on the portal.

  • Search Jamabandi Copy
  • NOC For Transfer Of Immovable Property
  • Assessment of the stamp duty and Registration fee
  • Bhu Naksha

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Benefits of the Online Land record Assam

The benefits of the online land record are mentioned below which will make you think that before the online service you were just wasting your precious time and waiting for the work which takes only a few seconds to get done. And the government officials charged from you the extra amount of money without any reason.

  • It is easy to use as it is user-friendly.
  • It is easy to maintain.
  • It is also available on the Mobile service application.
  • No need to pay the extra amount or any other charge to get detail about the land. Only the processing fee will be charged from you and that is also only for only a few types of searches you make on the portal.
  • It is easy to Understand as the language along with the English language the portal also provide you the choice to make use of the Regional language which each one residing in that area knows very well.

Online Portal Land record

The online portal is started as mentioned earlier a few times in the article. The online portal started by the government for checking the land detail is named as the Integrated Land record Mangement you can visit the official site to avail all the information about your land if you are the resident of the state Assam or if you own any type of property or area in the state. The image for the online portal is given below. Also, the steps are also given below for the reader to give them information about how to check the land detail at the portal. You have to read the article below to know each and every information in detail.

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Search Jamabandi

To search the Jamabandi online for the Assam state the steps are explained to you on the page below. The link is also given on the page make use of it to search the detail of your Jamabandi which can be of great use of you.

Click on the link.

Search Jamabandi Assam

  • As you will click the above link the following image shown page will appear.
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  • Enter your details.
  • Select your district.
  • Select your Circle.
  • Select your Village.
  • You would be provided the option to search either by Daag number, Patta number or by the Pattadar name.
  • Select the desired Option.
  • You will get the required result of your entered data means Jamabandi details of the land of which data you have entered.

NOC For Transfer Of Immovable Property

To find the NOC transfer details or any other detail of your immovable property then it can be possible to find all such detail at the portal. You are provided with the options to search for the details at the portal. The list of the detail which you can search under the portal is mentioned as below.

  1. Submission of objection petition against land
  2. View current status of NOC
  3. Reply objection raised by the Office
  4. Download approved NOC
  5. Apply extension of validity of NOC

Submission of objection petition against land

To submit your petition against a land you have to follow the following steps and the detail for each is given below.

Click on the link

Submission of objection petition against land

The following page appears as shown in the image below.

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  • Enter all the required detail.
  • Select your District
  • Select your Subdivision
  • Select your Circle
  • Select your Mouja
  • Select your Village
  • Select your Patta Type
  • Select your Patta Number
  • Select your Dag Number
  • Select your Land Class
  • Then enter applicant detail such as name and Complete Adress along with contact number and e-Mail id
  • Submit the application.

View status and objection, Download  NOC

To view the current status of Your NOC. Click on the link .

View current status of NOC

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The procedure is same and same details is required for checking status and reply the objection.

Reply objection raised by the Office

The following image appears.

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Download approved NOC

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Apply extension of validity of NOC

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Enter the NOC application Number and Password and submit the application to view the status of your NOC.

Form for Assessment of Stamp Duty and Registration Fee

To get the Form for Assessment of Stamp Duty and Registration Fee click on the link below. You can also fill the form online as the link is provided below on the page for your assistance.

Form for Assessment of Stamp Duty and Registration Fee

Click on the link .

The following image will appear.

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  • Select your deed category.
  • Select your Sub deed category
  • Submit the application.
  • You will get the required information from it.

Bhu Naksha

The Map for the land which you own you can see it easily under the name of Bhu Naksha as the page will lead you to the map of the particular area whose detail you will enter on the page. For knowing or getting the Bhu Naksha you have to click on the link given below on our page so that you can directly reach the page to search the detail and get Bhu Naksha for the desired land area.

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Bhu Naksha Assam

Click on the link.

The Following shown page will appear as given below.

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  • Enter the required detail.
  • Select your district.
  • Select your subdivision
  • Select your circle
  • Select your Mouja Pargona
  • Select your Lot Number
  • Select your Village.
  • Select the Dagg or the Patta Number from the options on the Page.
  • Fill in the number of the selected type.
  • Then click on the Show Report if you want to view it as shown in the image below.
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  • You can also Select Show Report PDF. to download.

Mobile App

The mobile app for the land record Assam is also available. You can get the app on our page below. You can download the app on your Mobile Phone and can make use of the Service of checking the land record detail online. The Mobile App Will help you and make your work easier. The functioning or the searching criteria in the Mobile App is similar to that of the online portal.

Click on the link to download the Mobile App

Mobile App Land Record Assam

The image for the App is also shown below to you.

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Contact Info

Director of Land Records and Surveys

Harabala Path, Ulubari,

Guwahati, Assam 781007

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