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Land Record Lakshadweep

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The land record of the UT is also essential as the people living there if want to avail the information then they can easily avail as long as the other state governments have started the online services for providing the benefit of the online portal similar is with the UT as the government working over there aims to provide each and every facility to the people living over such regions. The Lakshadweep Government is continuously working for it and it has also started the online portal by launching such a service for the people who own land over there or who resides over there.

Online Portal of Lakshadweep Land Record

As already mentioned above the government of Lakshadweep has started the online service for the people so that they can avail of the information online about their land. They can also know about the land record as well as the status of the mutation or Jamabandi copies easily online as all such services are provided at the portal which has made life and access to that service more easier for them. The image for the online portal is shown below for the assistance of the user at the page.

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Service available

The list or the detailed information about the services which are available at the portal is mentioned below for the reader on the page below. These will help you to get the information about the services which people can access online.

  • Search Land Record
  • Details of islands/ villages
  • Survey blocks in the islands
  • Data entry status
  • Island-wise landholding
  • Fair area details of islands
  • Islands wise land Types
  • Details of land holdings
  • Land register with a map view
  • Sign in

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As you can visit the online portal for availing the above services and the some of the services along with the steps is described below for you.

Benefits of Online Land Record Lakshadweep

The benefits of providing or initiation of an online portal is mentioned below for you. Check the list below.

  • It provides a single window view
  • All sort of information about the Land is provided to the people such as maps, survey results etc.
  • The result or the information provided at the portal is transparent.
  • It will reduce confusion and social conflicts among the people.

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Search Land Record

You can easily search the land record on the portal if you are interested to search the land record then you can search by making use of the link given on the page below or make use of the official website to log in to it. The image and steps to search the Land Record are given as follows.

Click on the above link and the following image will appear.

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  • Select your Island.
  • Enter the survey Number.
  • Enter the subdivision Number.
  • You will get the land record for the information you have entered.

Sign in to the portal

You can sign in to the portal of the land record Lakshadweep By clicking on the link below or opening the official site of the land record Lakshadweep.

Click on the link above and the following image will appear.

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  • Enter the Username.
  • Enter the password.
  • Enter the captcha code.

 Report- Fair Area List

To get the  Report- Fair Area List for the Lakshadweep click on the link below and the information given below.

The following image will appear as you will click on the link.

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  • Select your Island.
  • Select the Survey Block.
  • Select the land type.
  • Enter the survey Number.
  • Enter the subdivision Number.
  • Then click on the area report to get the detail.

Report- Owner Type Wise

Click on the link below.

The following image is shown on the page which will appear.

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  • Select your Island.
  • Click on the Continue option.
  • The result will appear as shown in the image below.
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Report- Extract of Land Register

To get the Report- Extract of Land Register click on the link along

The page shown in the image will appear.

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  • Select your Island.
  • Select the Survey Block.
  • Select the land type.
  • Enter the survey Number.
  • Enter the subdivision Number.
  • Then click on LR extract option to get the details.

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Data entry List

Click on the link to get the data entry List.

You can also search for the data entry in the list by entering the details. The information available in the list is according to the island.

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IslandWise-Land-Holdings Details

Click on the link for the same to get the record of the land or the information according to the Island.

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Islands / Villages

To get the list of the Islands / Villages in Lakshadweep. click on the link given along.

The list of the Villages or the island in the Lakshadweep Island will appear which will include the information of the Subdivisions, Island codes, Island Name, Area of the Island, Lagoon Area along with the Remarks. The image is also shown for the same for your assistance. Check the image below.

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Survey Blocks

To get the info regarding the Survey block to click on the link above and you can search the survey block by entering the information such as selecting the island. You can also get the print of the information available in the survey block. The image for the same is shown below.

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Contact info

Department of Revenue

Location: All Islands in Lakshadweep, City: Kavaratti

PIN Code: 682555

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