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KSFE Pravasi Chitty Scheme 2018  is the scheme which was launched by the Kerala government for the people of the state Kerala. The main motive to start the scheme is to provide them with the Insurance coverage and the pension plan but in the different way which will generate their interest in the scheme. The State Government has launched the software to join the Pravasi chitty as to pay instalments and take part in the chitty auctions. The Non-resident of the Kerala state can apply for the Kerala Pravasi Chitty. As per the Kerala government plan the scheme came into existence in 2018 with the Ksfe Chitty Online Registration Form at the pravasi.ksfe.com.

The KSFE chitty schemes as mentioned earlier the government will provide the insurance coverage and Pension Plan. The scheme function in the way slight different as people have to take part KSFE chitty auction.

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KSFE Chitty Schemes – Kerala Pravasi Objective

The KSFE Kerala State Financial Enterprises Limited, it is a nonbanking financial company but associated with the government of Kerala. The following mentioned is the Objective of KSFE.

  • It is the non-banking Finance Company.
  • The scheme is under the government functionaries.
  • The Profit making public sector is the undertaking of the Kerala state.
  • The government has provided the people with a chance to make secure the system by bringing it as the social control over the chit fund business by providing them with the Alternative for the Public chit funds from the Private chit funds so to avoid any kind of bogus or the fraud with the people by the operators.
  • The registering of profit Every year will be provided.

Kerala Pravasi Chit Scheme

Large-scale Migration of the region Kerala’s affects the economy of the state. This Malayali Pravasis plays a crucial role in the social economic and Cultural development for the state Kerala. As per the report, of the Diaspora support at least 50 lakh people population. Migrants Live under unstable and are unsecured working Condition and financial support for their business.

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Kerala Pravasi Chit scheme Features

The features of the Pravasi Chit Features are mentioned as follows:

  • Internet- and mobile-based chits
  • Android mobile app
  • ksfe Online chit selection
  • Online instalment remittance
  • ksfe Online auction

More about KSFE

To know about the KSFE and the products or the project with it you should be aware of the following:

What is KSFE Chitty?

It is the written note and the KSFE chitty obtained its name from the word chit. Under the KSFE chitty contains the name of the people who are registered and the people are asked to select one from the chits available and the person whose name appears is declared the winner. The word Chit has other names such as chit fund, kuri.

What is KSFE Chitty amount?

The total subscription for a specific period under the agreement with the specifies the number of people who shall subscribe the certain sum.


The instalment of Rs. 1000 to Rs. 5,00,000 and the duration of chitties are of 30,40,50,60,100 Months.

KSFE Online Registration Form

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You can Register at ksfe online Registration Form. You can get the benefit of the Kerala Pravasi KSFE Chitty 2018 as if you will make use of the Online Registration form. You can visit the official website pravasi.ksfe.com

You can make use of the link given above.

Click here

  • Click on the “Register Now “.
  • Click on the customer care option for more service. To make use of the click on the link. Click here
  • The image is shown as follows:
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  • You have to candidate have to enter the personal Details or the passport or the Email id and the ISD code.
  • Click to verify the NORKA.
  • You will enter the Norka registration process by entering all the information required.

Contact Info KSFE

The Kerala State Finacial Enterprises Limited

“Bhadratha  Museum Road P.B. NO.510, Thrissur– 680 020.
Phone No: 0487 2332255.
Toll-Free No: 1800 425 3455
Fax: 0487 – 2336232
E-mail: [email protected]

Chairman Ph:0487 2332329 E-mail:[email protected]
Managing Director Ph: 0487 2332222 E-mail:[email protected]
Gen. Manager(Business) Ph:0487 2332259 E-mail:[email protected]
Gen. Manager(Finance) Ph : 0487 2332400E-mail:[email protected]


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