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Khadya Sathi Scheme West Bengal, hows and whats, Benefits, Forms, Official website

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Khadya Sathi Scheme hows and whats

The Khadya Sathi scheme how will you get the benefit, what are methods, who can get the benefits,  how to apply, the official Website all sort of information on the page below.

Read the article to know more about the Khadya Sathi scheme.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has started the Food Partner Plan on January 27, 2016, to distribute grain on low subsidized prices in the state. Under the Food Partner Plan, the government has provided rice and wheat at a rate of Rs 2 per kg to 7 crores 49 lakh people. About 90% of the population in West Bengal will get rice and wheat at half the price of market value to nearly 50 lakh people. In this beneficiary scheme, 33 lakh people of Jangalmahal area, 12 lakh drought-affected people of Purulia district, tea plantation and their families, cyclone affected people, Singur people who have lost their land, people of Kolkata homeless people and food Under the partner plan, people living in Darjeeling hill areas will be involved.

What is the objective of Khadya Sathi scheme?

The objective of this scheme is to provide subsidized rice to the target beneficiaries like families living below the poverty line. The price of food is increasing day by day and under such circumstances, the situation of poor families has worsened as they do not have enough money to buy grains at the market rate. This is a very important initiative by the West Bengal Government to help the poor and deprived families to provide them food grains.


Features of Khadya Sathi Scheme

The features of the Khadya Sathi scheme are listed as below. Just have a look as follow:

  • Digital ration card in West Bengal
  • Will focus 8.5 crore people
  • Increased Storage capacity from  62,000 metric tonnes (MT) to 6.1 LMT in the last 5 years.
  • Tackled malnutrition by providing free of cost food to 4600 malnutrition survivors.
  • Fair price shops have been constructed.
  • Set  up  laboratories in Kolkata to monitor adulterants and quality of food.

Benefits of Food Scheme in West Bengal

The benefit of the food scheme in West Bengal is as follows. Have a look on the following mentioned points to get more about the benefits you can get if you apply for the Khadya Sathi Scheme?

  • The government has given rice and wheat Rs. 2 per kg to 7 crores 49 lakh people.
  • In West Bengal, about 50 lakh people will get rice and wheat at half the price of market price.
  •  The Khadya Sathi scheme will be Benefiting 8.5 crore people in  West Bengal.

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Eligibility for Food Schemes in West Bengal

The people who want to apply the Food scheme in West Bengal in the form oF the Khadya Sathi scheme, for that you must be firstly aware of the eligibility for the food scheme in West Bengal then only you will be able to avail the benefit of the Khadya Sathi scheme.

  • The applicant should be a resident of West Bengal.
  • Ration card holders are eligible for this scheme.
  • Drought affected people of Purulia district, tea garden activist and their families, cyclone affected people, people of Singur who had lost their land, homeless people of Kolkata and people living in Darjeeling hill areas are eligible for Food Partner scheme.

Documents required for Food and Agriculture scheme in West Bengal

The documents which you should have compulsorily if you want to avail the benefit of the Khadya Sathi scheme are mentioned below you can also go the to know more about the documents as according to the Khadya Sathi scheme info following are the documents needed.

  • Aadhar Card
  • Ration card

Forms for Khadya Sathi

If you are interested to apply for the Khadya Sathi scheme. You have to make use of the following mentioned forms as you know that each process has been digitized by the government so as the Khadya Sathi scheme. The process is available for digitization you can make use of the to log in to the official site to download the forms or you can log in at the portal by registering yourself then you will be capable for applying the new type of ration cards.

Visit the official site to download the forms given below:

Card Related services/ Download Forms

You are given the various card related services which you really require if you avail the ration card or if you are making use of the ration card. So make use of the following links to download the forms to get all the card related services.

How to Apply for the Foodstuff Scheme in West Bengal?

The West Bengal Government has announced a new application for Food Safety Scheme (Food Security) Digital Card by 20th February.
The applicant has to apply for Digital Ration Card in West Bengal.
The validity of the old ration card has been approved in West Bengal by March 1, 2017.
However, the applicants can contact the Food Department in West Bengal.
Grain will be distributed in West Bengal through a fair price shop (FPS).

Official website Khadya Sathi Scheme

For more information on Food Partner Planning in West Bengal

Helpline Number Khadya Sathi Scheme

If you want to ask something or have a query regarding the Khadya Sathi scheme, you can make use of the helpline number given below and you will get the satisfactory reply to your problem. Or you can also send your doubt or query to us regarding the Khadya Sathi Scheme by commenting your query in the comment box below, we will try to help you by guiding you more about the scheme.

1967 or 18003455505

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