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The khadi gram Udyog works as the Khadi and village industries commission popularly known as the KVIC which work as the government of India.  The scheme works under the Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP)It works under the Parliament on the basis of the Khai and Village Industries commission act 1956. It is included in the Ministry of Micro and Small Enterprises as the apex organization of India which aims to promote, Facilitate, Organise and plan the establishment of the Khadi as well as the development of the Khadi not in the rural but also in the urban areas. The Khadi Udyog Commission has its headquarters in Mumbai and Mr. Vinai Kumar Saxena is the chairman of the commission.

Objectives of the Commission

The commision will aim to implement and monitor the yojana. The main objective of the commission for the Khadi is listed as below as it also includes the way of functioning of the different objectives under the Khadi are also given as follow and you can get detail from the points below:

  • Social Objective – It will provide the employment of the people living in the rural areas.
  • Economic Objective – It will also provide the different articles, products at the reasonable prices which a common people can purchase easily.
  • Wider Objective – It will also create the self-reliance among the people and it will also build up a strong Rural Community.

Nature of assistance

The nature of assistance the government will provide described as follows :

  • The cost of the project in the manufacturing sector is ₹ 25 lakhs and in the business/service sector, it is ₹ 10 lakhs.
  • Categories of Beneficiary’s Rate of subsidy under PMEGP
    Area  General category 15% to the Urban and  25% to the rural, Special 25% and 35% to both rural and urban.
  • The cost of the project will be provided by the banks in two forms, in the form of the term loan and working capital.

Bank Loan Under PMEGP

  • Under PMEGP scheme, the amount of loan the bank will offer is upto 90 %.
    All the expenditure will be given by the bank.
  • The project cost will be paid from 60-75% in the case of Subsidy to the beneficiary.

Who can apply?

Any individual who is above 18 years of age and passed at least the 8th  standard are eligible projects costing for more than Rs.10 lakh in the sector of manufacturing and business or the service sector will get the amount of Rs. 5 lakh for the new projects under the scheme. Self Help will be given to the Groups which belong to those belonging to BPL but the condition is that they should not have availed benefits under any other Scheme Institutions which are registered under Societies Registration Act,1860.

Khadi Portal

The khadi portal is available online under the name Khadi Gram Udyog for the ease of the people so that they can easily get the detail of the program, its objectives and how is it implemented all the answer to your queries are available at the online portal. The image of the portal is given for you along with the link of the portal. Either you can search for the official website of the khadi portal or you can click on the link given to view the online portal available for the Khadi Gram Udyog.

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Apply online

You can apply online for the Khadi Gram Udyog as the Hindi as well as English portal is available. You can apply for the Khai and Village Industries Commission as the portal is available for your assistance and you can apply either by visiting the official website or click on the link given along. The image is also given below APPLY KVIC

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Application form

You can download the application form to apply for the khadi scheme. You can apply the scheme online or you can apply online for the scheme. The image and link to apply for it. APPLICATION FORM ONLINE

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Steps to apply online

(1) Enter your Aadhaar Number.

(2) Enter your name as in the Aadhaar card.

(3) Select Agency (KVIC, KVIB, DIC) form.

(4)  Select State from the list.

(5) Select District from the list.

(6) Select Office from the list.

(7) Select the legal type.

(8) Select Gender

(9) Enter your date of birth date.

(10) Select Social Category of the applicant from the list.

11) Select qualification from the list.

(12) Enter your Address.

(13) Select your Unit Location

(14)Select the unit address.

(15)Select from the activity list

(16) Select Industry from the List of Industry and Type the specific product description.

(17) Whether EDP Training Undergone: Select Yes Or No from the List.

(18) Enter Training Institute Name in detail.

(19) Enter CE loan as proposed in the DPR in rupees and the Working Capital.

(20) Enter all your bank details.

(21) You will receive the password and user id.

(22) Upload the documents, signature, and photograph.

Implementation of KVIC

The scheme is implemented by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and they will govern the program. And all the funds will be raised and given to the respected Ministry to run the project and it will also generate the routes for the Khadi and Village Industries Commission to promote the use of Khadi. The program is aimed to be implemented in almost all the 29 states and even in the Union Territories. There is a Registered institution for the execution of the program or scheme and even the Cooperative societies and people are also linked to the Scheme. There are approx. 5600 Institutions and more than 30k societies and more than 9485,000 people associated with the program. The detail of implementation agencies is given along with the contact numbers, email id for your assistance. The implementation agency in different states the list is given in the link check the link given on the page. The sample image is given below you will get the complete detail in the link. IMPLEMENTATION AGENCY KVIC

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You can give your feedback at the portal as the special page is available at the portal so that the people can give their feedback at the portal about the Khadi Gram Udyog and any other suggestion you want to give are welcomed at the portal.  The image of the feedback page is also given below to able you to know which details are required to give your feedback at the portal. You can give your feedback either by visiting the official website of Khadi Gram Udyog or you can click on the link to give your feedback KHADI UDYOG FEEDBACK 


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Contact info.

director ( Easy P),

Khadi and v. I. Commission, Er la road, Vile Parle (west)

Mumbai – 400 056

Email: [email protected]


Phone no. 022-26714320 (259/253)

Fax No. 022-26713686















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